July 6, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013: Promo Girl Heaven at Drive M7

Perhaps, it’s for that added rush or that cognitive clarity.  Maybe it’s for that swagger or the prospect of optimum efficiency.  Through the unique nutritional composition of its quality energy drink products, Drive M7 promises to satisfy these fundamental needs through the concepts that define a finely tuned machine, effectively implementing the motorsport principles of action, precision and performance within the functional complexities of the human body.  Likewise, the AutoCon LA event can also be characterized as a mechanism for mass marketing, nourished by a flow of entertainment between established points of interest that essentially engages audiences throughout the span of a vibrant showcase environment.  Drive M7 would do its part in contributing to this process by driving and directing the action on the grounds toward its prominent, centralized product promotion station, utilizing the temptation of cool complimentary beverages to keep people curious about the brand throughout the course of a scorching summer day.  However, it might very well have been their premier promotional representatives that provided for much of that motivation, charming the audience with a little taste of heaven through an urge for Drive M7.





Melyssa Grace captivates through a shimmering expressive vivacity that intricately compliments the statuesque sensuality and control of her creative manner.  It’s this dynamic visual class and smooth elegant charisma that finds aesthetic significance within any scene or atmosphere while mesmerizing within the keen emotive constructs of passionate poise and character.  Such energizing sophistication has allowed her to enjoy a dedicated fan following throughout her career with this season being her most active year to date as an automotive scene promotional talent.  With her recent appearances and endorsements of the Drive M7 brand at major show extravaganzas like AutoCon LA, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this fine young talent gracing another prestigious show floor in the near foreseeable future.






Brilliantly inspiring in passionate expressive charisma framed upon smooth dramatic poise, Ngan Vo is an beloved show floor entertainer who truly utilizes the depth of her character and artistry to establish uniquely memorable experiences for her audience, often incorporating highly animated humor within moments of pure stylistic allure to effectively present an emotive experience that accentuates both the excitement and passion within a premier automotive showcase environment.  Though mainly known for her contributions within car culture extravaganzas like AutoCon LA, it’s quite easy to sense the value she would offer towards national clothing brand campaigns and catalogs due to the genuine clarity of spirit she readily conveys within any given situation.





Marie Alvarez enraptures through a scintillating passionate depth within focus that essentially highlights the soothing passion and drama of her innate expressive style.  There’s just a flow and finesse to her poise and process that inspires haunting emotive intrigue within a scene or composition, a quality to her talent that tells much of her capabilities within the genres of interpretive art and fashion.  AutoCon LA 2013 would be her fourth major appearance within the car culture circuits this season, making her one of the more recognized live personalities of the import modeling scene for 2013.


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