May 31, 2013

Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013: The League of Extraordinary Women

Once upon a time, a disturbance in the spacetime continuum was felt throughout the known multi-universe, prompting swift action from the most renowned superheroes to thwart the threat of impending interdimensional catastrophe.  As they approached the source of the distress, a sudden calm immersed them from within a distant speck of beaming matter.  And then, an ominous rumble began, signaling the collapse of the mysterious brilliance into a massive, galaxy-sucking darkness.  Caught by surprise and witnessing their realities distorting to the influence of the anomaly, they found themselves helpless to the force that inevitably directed them into an inexplicable void.  But then, there came the shuffles of steps and the murmur of activity, eventually followed by bursting sound and musical variety.  The heroes would be awoken in a strange new land while fantastically fused in spirit and body with some of the talented female personas within the modeling industry.  Their only clue as to their whereabouts would be a banner on the tables before them, which would adequately describe this intriguing scene of fast cars and beautiful women.  With people immediately taking notice of their arrival, they found it best to just go with the flow until a thorough investigation could be properly conducted, a mission they eventually neglected within the spirit and excitement of this Extreme Autofest celebration.

2013 Extreme Autofest “Heroes and Villains” Spokesmodel Lounge

Janis True AKA Lady Zorro mesmerizes with a vibrant expressive allure formed upon flowing intuitive grace.  There’s a certain natural tranquility to her process, which utterly inspires in both immersing adorability and smooth sensuality.




When asked if she could turn into diamonds, Alexia Cortez AKA White Queen was a bit skeptical about what to say, though she would divulge nonchalantly how she has always had this ability to fry people’s brains with her mind and left it at that.  Even if she doesn’t admit it, Alexia is a jewel within the promotional field, a constantly evolving force within multiple scenes and genres of the modeling industry, well characterized by a dedicated focus toward professionalism that is second to none.  Glowingly elegant in soothing expressive depth and delicate statuesque poise, Alexia presents a certain grace within order that consistently enriches the character and nature of an event experience.  There’s just an irresistible luster of class to her persona that, while visually scintillating in chic majesty, is also well appreciative of where she has come from, always willing to set aside some time for the people of a scene that has embraced her so wholeheartedly throughout the years.  Such affection is well exemplified by how she celebrates every one of her successes with her fans, always providing them exclusive insight into her activities within the industry.  At Extreme Autofest Anahem 2013, she would debut an upcoming Monster Energy Drink promotional ad campaign featuring herself as a primary brand figure.




April Garcia AKA Iron Woman enthralled with a potently seductive charisma that seemed to outshine that beaming energy core on her protective breastplate.


Mila De was previously concerned about what she had to create in order to dazzle the audiences at Extreme Autofest Anaheim, but with an energizing spirit and extensive cosplay experience, there was no question that she would find the necessary inspiration at some point and time.  As Sailor Mars, she would interpret the fire and allure associated with the popular comic hero within the depths of her innate persona and talent, effectively fusing her own bursting charisma, control and poise within the elements of character while paying tribute to its essence within both motion and gesture.  As always, Mila has a habit for bringing fantasy into life as a truly entertaining performer and artist.


It’s uncertain what hero the lovely Eliza Tee was portraying at the event, but such mystery did not make her any less super.  Soothingly radiant in elegant expressive charm, Eliza might very well have been a telepath by the way she was luring many event attendees towards her table.



Jay Ferrer AKA Captain America charmed with an embracing expressive brilliance and enthusiasm that got people standing in attention in front of her station at this year’s Extreme Autofest Official Spokesmodel Lounge.


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