June 6, 2013

Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013: Beautiful Ladies Come in Numbers


Certain congruencies exist in life that tend to bring people together.  Such links might be established through genetics.  Some might be bonded by language.  Others find cohesion through experience and origin.  Beyond these factors, however, there lies the commonality within passion, which arguably encompasses a broader scope of humanity than any abstract concept or science can ever dream of influencing.  Such crosses the boundaries of thought and theory to unite distinct personalities within a certain purpose and a corresponding pursuit for happiness.  At Extreme Autofest Anaheim, passion would again drive some of the most lovely promotional talents from around the world to stand upon common ground, where they would collaborate within the prestige of their brands, often times in significant numbers and under the scorching summer heat, to express their dedication as a team towards an ever challenging profession, all the while exemplifying a fundamental love for a scene.

International AllStars Marketing

International AllStars is dedicated to providing quality promotional and marketing solutions in support of companies active within the fields of automotive performance, production and live showcase entertainment. 


Aki Iizuka charms with a soothing grace of character, which fuses sweet tranquility into all the excitement of a moment.




Brandi brought radiant enthusiasm into her role as a premier representative for International AllStars during the Extreme Autofest extravaganza.




Stephanie Smith dazzles in brilliant sweet serenity while further magnifying such visual sophistication within the quality of her embracing character.




Jennifer Angel Ancheta is one of the more recognizable faces of the International AllStars brand, well admired for the beaming expressive vivacity and vibrant poise she contributes into any promotional activity she engages herself in.  Fans can always count on Jennifer’s professionalism and genuine passion for people to create unique value within a premier show experience.




Alluringly energizing in elegant expressive brilliance, Mila Saki absolutely illuminates a scene through a sheer charm and richness of character, which all the more presents itself upon the graciousness and hospitality she provides towards an atmosphere.



JDM Sport


JDM Sport offers a fine line of quality automotive parts and accessories that intricately caters to that need for vibrant style within reliable performance.



Lori Lin continues to establish her name within the automotive scene as potentially one of the 2013 season’s brightest breakout stars.  Sensually stunning in soothing expressive grace framed upon dynamic intuitive poise, Lori possesses a serene charisma which flows ever so elegantly with directive influence of the fundamental nature and theme within an atmosphere.  There’s just a certain quality within consistency to her presence that is quite emotively powerful while subtly moving.






Penetratingly seductive in passionate expressive focus and vivid sensual control, Jasmyn Skye always inspires with an immersing emotive depth and character that breathes effortless glamour within a scene. 








Ryan Oso visually entices through a seductive sensual order and scintillating statuesque control, which has made her one of the more passionately haunting figures in recent import scene history.  She just presents a certain cohesion within expression and form that utterly accentuates the emotive flavor of any moment through the captivating aesthetic depth of her own artistry.



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