June 15, 2013

Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013: Women with Nice Wheels


There’s just something about a great set of wheels that tends to grab a person’s attention.  Perhaps, it’s certain contours within definition, which stylistically intrigue in scintillating sensuality.  Maybe, it’s the glistening smoothness characterizing the surface that catches the sun ever so elegantly on a fine summer day.  To many, it might very well be their influence upon the movement of the entire frame, which through the union of style, power and grace often accentuates the quality and stature of an overall body of work.  It’s no wonder why society and media consistently barrage the concept of the automotive vehicle within feminine references.  The appeal for all the components that comprise a luxurious, high performance ride finds many similarities within the allure for a woman.  As wheels significantly define the poise and form of an automotive masterpiece, the character and style of a live promotional figure does much to emphasize and personify the specific brand culture of a particular company, while exemplifying the very principles that inspire the design and conception of their featured wheel products.  Within such understanding lies this common bond between the artistry of the wheel and the quality of a woman.

Vertini Wheels



Vertini Wheels finds inspiration through a preference for excellence, defined in bold ingenuity and craftsmanship that redefines the concept of refinement within full-sized sedans and luxury vehicles.



Jessica Weaver utterly mesmerizes through a seductive expressive smoothness defined in delicate sensual order.  She just conveys a certain alluring consistency that just spellbinds in subtle immersing depth, inspiring effortless passion within the gentle flow of poise and form.  Though her visual presence tends to be quite emotively immersing, her natural disposition brings with it a certain grace and charm upon a show floor that coincides with the theme and mood of any situation, conveying a sweetness and gentle amiability that warms with a genuine regard toward an audience.  Such embracing character is further exemplified by her activities away from the live promotional realm, operating a Youtube vlog and channel for the benefit of those inquisitive about the issues of romance and interpersonal relationships, appropriately named jlovetalk.




Elizabeth Velasquez consistently captivates in a beaming expressive elegance, which entices through a scintillating stylistic quality within control.  She infuses a certain air of glamour within an atmosphere that is fiery and exquisite in value, allowing for the occurrence of visually intriguing moments within any given moment.



Stance Wheels

Stance Wheels is a developer of quality engineered wheel products set toward the standard of optimum performance within the appeal for vibrant conception and design.


Mary Zhao returns to Bimmerfest Pasadena, this time sporting the colors of Stance Wheels upon the brand’s featured display.  Charmingly brilliant in sweet expressive radiance framed upon energizing vivacious poise, Mary has always projected such joy and enthusiasm upon this particular showcase environment, making this experience all the more special to those who might not have been exposed to her spirit and talent in previous seasons.




Sensually ravishing in serene expressive focus defined in vivid seductive form, Xena Kai always dazzles within a soothing subtlety of passionate character, which emotively penetrates in potent sensory allure.  Returning once again as a premier live representative of Stance Wheels for the 2013 automotive showcase season, she would also be the only returning promotional personality from the company’s 2012 Bimmerfest talent ensemble. 




Sally Mia Kior enthralls with a smooth tranquility of poise and grace that immediately captures attention within any situation or environment.  Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013 would effectively pose as the setting of her second big venue appearance for the Stance Wheels brand this year.

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