July 14, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013: The Official Models Lounge Experience


While recognized as a premier stage for showcasing modified sports and luxury vehicles, the spirit of a live automotive extravaganza like AutoCon LA often relies upon the depth of character present upon its specific show floor.  It’s a certain enthusiasm that mimics the energizing vibrancy of a beaming summertime atmosphere.  It’s a thrill for a fresh new look that intrigues through distinct flavor and experience.  It’s being reacquainted with personalities of the past that takes one back into an appreciation for fond memories.  At the very essence of every event, there are the people who make it all worthwhile.  AutoCon’s Official Models Lounge has had a history for presenting some of the best live entertainers upon their show floors, consistently composed of the most promising and established modeling talents within the automotive scene today.  Their innate talent to inspire within both imagination and laughter has been a cherished element of the outdoor car culture festival throughout the years, and the tradition would continue onward into this 2013 event spectacular at Santa Anita Park.

2013 AutoCon LA Official Models Lounge (continued)

The automotive scene’s premier sister act would make a welcomed appearance upon the event grounds of AutoCon LA 2013, as Justene Jaro (left) and Dawn Jaro (right) would happily greet numerous fans at their table during the course of the event.  However, they would take some brief intermissions to attend to their curious canine, who also seemed to be enjoying the festivities.





Lux was happy to showcase some of her latest work for fans to purchase and appreciate at AutoCon’s Official Models Lounge.  Vivaciously warm in brilliant expressive quality, she always brings a youthful, unabashed energy upon a premier show floor.





What isn’t there to love about the personality that is Brittani Paige.  She’s humorously unconventional.  She’s spontaneously charismatic.  She might very well be anything within the scope of a potent shot of adrenaline, as it pertains to a premier showcase environment.  Her talent as a live show floor entertainer has often inspired some of the most enjoyable moments within the automotive scene since her debut in early 2012, continuing to make an impact upon the industry with her third appearance as an official event spokesmodel this season.  While seeming a bit nonchalant about her talents while playing to the crowds, Brittani truly packs some serious punch when it comes to infusing emotive elements within any given situation.  Sensually intoxicating in vivid expressive focus, Brittani dazzles with a passionate stylistic depth that is all the more magnified within the soothing consistency and conviction of her expressive character.  Such bold dramatic flavor in combination with an innate vibrancy of spirit often takes an audience on a joy ride through the complete emotive experience, effectively making her one of the most dynamic figures in the import scene today.







Many might remember Noriko Coco Komatsu from the Super Street Magazine summer promotional tour during the 2012 event season.  Returning once again to the United States this year as an official spokesmodel for AutoCon LA, the Japanese native would project that same beaming adorability and dynamic grace, which illuminated an entire California coastline.




Raichelle Viado was coping quite well with the hot summer weather at AutoCon LA, directing some attention towards her large snow cone snack, which consequently provided this creative young talent with an extra prop for amusing fans and event attendees at her table.  Radiantly mesmerizing in embracing expressive vivacity defined in enticing sensual form, Raichelle always infuses a playful vibe within an experience, utilizing her animated spontaneity and fluid seductive allure to thrill fans in nonstop entertainment.  She just presents an energy and charisma that deemphasizes a distant mystique regarded within traditional perceptions of a professional model, reinterpreting and redefining the concept for herself within a correlation and connection with her audience. 


Natalia Marie makes her return to AutoCon Los Angeles, once again as a premier spokesmodel for the popular automotive showcase brand.  Enthrallingly brilliant in shimmering expressive serenity formed upon vivid passionate style, Natalia has an innate ability for accentuating intoxicating warmth and seductive sophistication within the ease of sense and instinct, a quality to her talent which has sustained her reputation as a well respected and admired promotional talent.



Amanda Gift was caught a bit off guard when asked to pose for a few pictures to add to this coverage series.  She wasn’t really expecting to model this day, being the official talent coordinator for the event itself.  However, many still remember her contributions to the scene as a name and promotional force within the dominant show circuits during the latter half of the 2000’s, effectively establishing nationwide recognition as a multiple time pageant champion within the automotive and swimsuit competitive circuits.  Her presence at the AutoCon LA Official Models Lounge would certainly bring back many fond memories of seasons past, while also infusing an element of history and honor upon the present event experience.

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