April 5, 2013

Hot Import Nights Fontana 2013: Fashion Showcase (Part 3)


As the sunlight eventually faded to give way to the dominance of night, the change in conditions affected attendees in manner contrary to what would have been expected at a sensory level during this stage and time of the day, as the entertainment and spectacle of the HIN Fontana Fashion Show effectively heated up the crowds with a showcase of some of hottest brand name bikinis and intimate wear available today.  During this portion of the segment, some of the most talented young stars of the modeling industry would conduct their final rounds on the event’s main stage, aweing and entertaining audiences one last time within the depth and brilliance of their emotive charm and artistry.  All would prove testament to the assertion implied by the HIN brand name, for at this night of imports, things really do tend to get hot.

Kandy Shop Bikini / Kandy Rock Swimwear / Reckless Bikini



Amanda Kerr

Pamela Jean Noble
Marie Alvarez
Ashley Montgomery


3 Wishes Lingerie

3 Wishes Lingerie brings the fantasy to life with a sensually imaginative selection of costume and lingerie designs.

Brii Vanette
Karina Karma


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