August 27, 2013

Summer Kickback Dealer Showcase 2013: Hot Girls International


With the start of August signaling what would be to many the final month of their 2013 summertime experience,  the car culture community would find it appropriate to converge upon the lots of Puente Hills Mitsubishi once again in order to unleash the Summer Kickback Dealer Showcase for all the local fans and enthusiasts to appreciate.  Hosted by popular import scene entities Prestige Marketing and itsJDMyo!, the meet would be a quaint reminder of the cohesion and festivity that thrives within the core of the phenomenon, as participants and attendees would delight upon a show floor filled with the region’s finest custom cars and modified vehicles, while being offered the opportunity to indulge themselves in some free barbeque and beverages to help sustain their spirits throughout the day.  Within all the pleasures of the moment, however, would persist a certain visual intrigue for the particular acronym of “HGI,” placed conspicuously upon the event’s premier vendor booth.  Such was trademark not necessarily noticed within the show circuits of Southern California prior to this event.  Though upon closer examination of its meaning, its significance would become all the more apparent.  After all, “HGI” stands for “Hot Girls International.”  For as surely as this scene is about the ingenuity and creativity of passionate vehicle owners and product innovators, it is also very much grounded upon a fundamental appeal for beauty.  Therefore, it would be only fitting to have three of the scene’s most vibrant live personalities intricately involved in the show proceedings, essentially bringing together all elements of the car culture into one stunning live event celebration.



For many fans, their last recollection of their meeting of the lovely Claudia Alan at an automotive showcase gathering would have seemed so fresh as to suggest an experience that just happened yesterday.  For some others, however, that would actually be the case, as the Summer Kickback Meet would mark her second official appearance within a single weekend in the course of touring with Prestige Marketing throughout the Southern California area.  Vibrantly charming in soothing expressive adorability embraced in genuine spirited grace, this young talent establishes a quality of optimism upon a scene and environment, always open and accommodating towards her audience as a rising fan favorite while always aware of her stature as an ambassador when it comes to her duties and responsibilities towards a company.  With a keen affection for the Toyo Tires brand, she would seek out this particular custom car display, which definitely represented her taste for performance products.





Chaba mesmerizes through a shimmering expressive charisma and seductive intuitive style, which is in many ways subtly enticing while all the more passionately intoxicating.  At the Summer Kickback Dealer Showcase in Puente Hills, she would find herself drawn towards an allure for hot rod red, effectively exemplified within this featured modified vehicle exhibit.




Youtube beauty guru Arika Sato always enraptures within a luster of class and sophistication, well defined within an elegant expressive brilliance and statuesque, dynamic form that continues to make her one of the import scene’s premier multitalented personalities.




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