October 22, 2013

R1 Concepts Open House 2013: The Girls of Hot Import Nights Are Here


Local automotive meets such as the R1 Concepts Open House in La Habra, California are very much like those spontaneous house parties in which one never really knows who might come by for a visit.  With social networks acting as the primary sources of information within the custom car scene, the concept of a community gathering becomes a bit blurred with various individuals, groups and organizations from around the United States receiving the same public announcements of upcoming spectacles and attractions.  So, when Hot Import Nights decided to attend the R1 Concepts Open House this year, it wasn’t that surprising though all the more intriguing.  After all, HIN is the most established brand in automotive lifestyle entertainment, a reputation effectively accentuated by the presence of the import modeling scene’s finest international talents.  During this celebration of R1 Concepts’ continued success as a solid entity within the expansive car culture community, Hot Import Nights would effectively express its support for the company through its own unique trio of live promotional personalities.





Erica Law would make a welcomed appearance at the 2013 R1 Concepts Open House in La Habra, doing her part in promoting the Hot Import Nights brand to the event’s enthusiastic fans and attendees.  Charmingly brilliant in sweet expressive grace framed upon soothing, passionate control, Erica always conveys a quality of energizing serenity upon a live event environment, effectively contributing to her innate talent for establishing an instant rapport with any manner of audience.  It’s through this approachability and genuine charisma that has made her an effective promotional figure within several prestigious show circuits over the past few years and why she’s currently a major factor to this season’s Hot Import Nights tour program.




Infectiously invigorating through dynamic expressive charisma embraced in soothing intuitive style, Gwendolynne Gee truly personifies that fine fusion of spirit and sensuality that is well celebrated within the scenes of the car culture community.  She just constantly beams in an animated youthful vivacity, which finds such stark contrast to the flowing emotive drama she spontaneously produces through the depths of her creative process.  It’s through this thematic interplay between character and form that makes her one of the more stylistically intriguing talents of the automotive show circuits today, a dimension to her persona significantly fueled by a passion for modeling and her admitted inclination towards being quite a nerd at times.  Indeed, her Batman inspired attire during the R1 Concepts Open House would manifest from her fascination for comic book superheroes and a constant urge to express her affections for that genre of entertainment through the creative variety within cosplay.  She would even go so far as to comment on the story progression of one of her favorite science fiction franchises, Star Wars, admiring the possible generational implications between references of the more contemporary prequel trilogy with that of the classic original series in the upcoming Episode 7 storyline.  Thus, taking all of this into account, what else can be said?  Gwen’s beautiful, fun, colorful and enjoys lightsaber battles.  Is there anything else a guy can possibly ask for?





East Coast talent Chelsea Lee would introduce herself to the Southern California crowds during the R1 Concepts Open House in La Habra, California, dazzling guests and attendees through a shimmering expressive brilliance defined in vivid dynamic grace.


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