July 11, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013: Models of a Brand All Their Own


As people’s dedication towards a certain scene progresses over time, they eventually develop a fond familiarity for their surroundings, finding themselves warmly at home within the entertainment and culture presented upon the grounds of premier event spectaculars.  It’s a certain frequency of acquaintance that fans have for the sights and sounds of such experiences, which nurture a cohesion and recognition towards those who contribute significantly to the program.  Much of this is due to the symbolism behind a brand, a statement of purpose, spirit and identity that gathers established affection and loyalty upon a single unifying image.  It’s the fundamental idea that inspires the profession of promotional modeling with numerous promising careers finding initial purpose as key players within grand marketing strategies.  However, as time passes, a talented few suddenly step out into the spotlight and become the attraction themselves, essentially transcending affiliation or trademark through the quality and significance of their own distinct personas.  During AutoCon LA 2013, many of the established modeling figures of the car culture would find themselves proudly featured within the event’s official models lounge, an element of the extravaganza, which would offer no slogans or gimmicks, charming solely within the opportunity of meeting some of the scene’s finest superstars.   Despite the absence of elaborate displays or featured brand named merchandising, the lounge concept tends to work every time.  After all, what is a brand if not a name?  Well, each of these ladies definitely have that.

2013 AutoCon LA Official Models Lounge


Brilliantly adorable in pristine expressive vivacity accentuated in soothing sensual form, Holly Lee enchants through an embracing, sweet serenity, which bursts with such clarity of enthusiasm as to inspire unbound optimism within all those around her.  There’s just an immaculate warmth and charisma to her nature that instantly ingratiates her with a live audience, quite indicative of her value as an effective brand ambassador who truly relates with the people.  Returning once again to Santa Anita Park for AutoCon LA, Holly would be one of a few personalities from last year’s talent roster to repeat as an official event spokesmodel for 2013.






Gloria Touch comes to AutoCon LA with a unique perspective of the automotive entertainment culture, already recognized as a premier modeling personality within several showcase circuits while also known as a talented live events DJ under the professional alias of “DJ Glo.”  Smoothly alluring in serene expressive focus framed upon scintillating dynamic control, Gloria utterly mesmerizes through a conviction of poise and grace or character that infuses inspiring dimension within an atmosphere.





Jeri Lee may very well be the most renowned figure of the import scene, well admired for her contributions as as a premier modeling personality, special events host and multiple time cover girl for the most prestigious automotive lifestyle magazines in circulation today.  All have essentially placed her within every role and position of influence within this segment of the modeling industry, a professional history that still illuminates the present, as she continues to be a significant promotional force within the current car culture circuits.  Vibrantly alluring in sweet expressive brilliance formed upon vivacious sensual poise, Jeri presents a stylistic flare and elegance of manner that intricately captures the passion and enthusiasm of the automotive lifestyle community, qualities of her persona that have effectively established her longevity within one of the most dynamic arenas of the modeling industry.



Maya Michelle Rew makes her 2013 season debut at the AutoCon LA Official Models Lounge, beaming that chic expressive charisma and energizing sophistication, which has made her a summer season fan favorite for the past several years.  Well known as a popular bikini and pageant competitor within the automotive show circuits, Maya is the quintessential live entertainer, graced with a wit and comedic timing, which drives a crowd’s excitement towards the activities of any scheduled stage performance or program.  Such character and presence has always translated well upon the grounds of live events, often unleashing the full depth of her style and spirit to effectively connect with the fans one-on-one.





Arika Sato captivates in a shimmering expressive elegance and rich statuesque poise that utterly enriches the mood of a scene.  There’s just a certain luster to her disposition that inspires in stunning charm and sophistication, a quality of presence, which has allowed her to effectively translate her talent upon the realms of television, short films, and featured magazine editorials.

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