July 5, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013: Introducing the Official SPOCOM Spokesmodels


As it relates to staging a brand upon a vibrant, festive show floor, the appeal and allure of a well-placed, eye-catching display is often the primary catalyst for drawing a target audience toward a specified group of products and services.  It’s often the span and scope of such an element, which determines a certain company’s impact and significance within an experience.  For automotive entertainment powerhouse SPOCOM, the primary anchor of their promotional campaigns has always been linked to the variety within their featured modeling industry rosters, a facet of their production not solely intent upon establishing itself through a volume or quantity of presented talent but also purposeful in conveying an in-depth insight into the modeling realm as a whole.  Thus, the SPOCOM experience is very much characterized by the presence of some of the most mesmerizing personalities from any scene or genre, a quality that has made its showcase areas virtually impossible to resist, especially within the energizing summertime atmosphere of this year’s AutoCon LA extravaganza.




Elizabeth Velasquez dazzles with an enamoring expressive elegance and sensuality of poise that has captivated fans and attendees since the beginning of the season.  Representing SPOCOM once again at AutoCon LA 2013, she is poised to be one of the premier new talents of the super show’s impressive talent roster.




Inga Bespalovaite continues to make further inroads into the realms of promotional modeling, now associating herself with the SPOCOM automotive entertainment brand during the AutoCon LA 2013 spectacular.  Chicly seductive in penetrating expressive style defined in passionate dynamic grace, Inga just captivates within the scintillating depth and intuition of her innate emotive artistry.  There’s just a certain conviction and control to her visual persona that inspires potent drama within an atmosphere.  Such are intriguing facets to her character, which could very well find meaning and significance upon bold statements of theme and fashion.




Sweetly alluring in charming expressive vivacity, Claudia Lopez has been a constant reminder of the true spirit of camaraderie and dedication within the car culture circuits, continuing to be one of the more engaging and active promotional figures of the Southern California scene this season. 






Noelle Lyn is one of those modeling talents who brings a certain exclusivity to the SPOCOM experience, being that it has been the only automotive event production company she has consistently associated with throughout the last three years.  This year, however, she would break away from her usual routine to attend this year’s AutoCon LA event as a part of the official SPOCOM promotional team.  Brilliantly enticing in shimmering expressive charisma, Noelle definitely possesses the visual presence that can illuminate the mood of any atmosphere.  Such could have provided for the essential motivation for many fans to plan their attendance to SPOCOM’S upcoming show spectacular the following month.



Brilliantly charming in embracing expressive serenity, Jenna Lane beams with a pristine warmth and adorability, which is so immersing in emotive magnitude that people can’t help but feel the effects of a sugar rush from the very first sight of this energizing young talent.  Though fans have come to enjoy Jenna’s consistent presence within the automotive showcase circuits throughout the seasons, this would actually be her first appearance upon the grounds of Santa Anita Park for AutoCon LA. 





Erica Law would make her first 2013 season appearance during AutoCon LA, representing the automotive lifestyle brand SPOCOM, whose 2012 production in Anaheim provided the occasion for her effective debut as a brand new promotional talent.  Now as an official SPOCOM spokesmodel for 2013, she brings that same tantalizing vivacity and vibrant sensual form that essentially established her as an appreciated live events personality within the local show circuits. 


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  1. :) how do I go about registering to be a potential model for this event . ????

  2. You'll have to go to the official site of the event and contact the specified model and talent coordinator.