April 24, 2013

DUB Show Los Angeles 2013: Dressed to Impress


A trip into the heart of a city tells much about its fundamental character, a perception well influenced by the sights and experiences of the journey.  It could be through a street lined in stars that justify a common ambition within a word upon a mount.  It could be through a strip called Sunset where the brilliance of the American dream never seems to fade away.  It could be from a highway that follows the impeccable western coastline, where the elements always seem right for a little action and play.  Perhaps, that’s why many people around the world associate Los Angeles as the pinnacle scene for entertainment.  Arriving at the city’s center, feeling all the glamour and creativity within the atmosphere, some of the most beautiful ladies of the live automotive scene would grab their hottest dresses and matching high heels to welcome everyone appropriately to the spectacle of the LA high life at the site of the Los Angeles DUB Show.

Concept One Executive Wheels

Utilizing innovative new technology in conjunction with stylish design conception, Concept One Executive Wheels offers a fine line of luxury wheel options that cater to the creative preferences of car culture enthusiasts.


Angelique Peterson charms within the union of radiant expressive elegance and alluring dynamic form.  She just delivers a certain emotive vibrancy into the atmosphere that captivates with a certain sweetness within strength of character that is potently passionate and seductive.


AKA Eurosport

AKA Eurosport is a North Hollywood-based one-stop shop for car customization specifications and automotive maintenance needs.

Yelena Ilnitskaya has been a premiere live promotional presence for AKA Eurosport since the end of the last season at the LA Auto Show.  Back once again at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the LA DUB Show, Yelena would enrapture the crowds within the stylistic depth of her expressive artistry.  There’s just this chic order and grace within her manner and poise that infuses inspiring drama into any moment or situation that is innately intriguing within aesthetic fervor.  Such visual refinement could contribute exponentially toward the character and identity of any form of fashion editorial.


Monster Energy

Monster Energy is a renowned energy drink producer whose brand culture dares to inspire and invigorate a future generation of athletes and entertainers through worldwide campaigns that promote various fields of performance and talent.  Monster Energy is and has always been a leading national sponsor of the DUB Custom Car Show and Concert Tour.


Shimmering in smooth scintillating elegance, Magda Angel sensually intoxicates through immersing expressive class defined within beaming sophistication of poise.  The pure emotive influence and effortless charm she is able to present from just the sheer quality and content of her character leaves little doubt as to her value and worth as a national brand representative for Monster Energy.  With a dedicated camera crew following her from booth to booth throughout the event, her talent as an entertainment correspondent becomes all the more apparent, if not already well renowned through a premier hosting role in the DUB Latino cable show on MUN2.

Pioneer Electronics

Pioneer Electronics is driven by a mission to provide the most in-depth inventory of quality audio products, which effectively maximize the entertainment potential within any venue, vehicle, or situation.


Challis Taylor utterly enchants through chic sensual depth framed upon tantalizing delicate style.  She just delivers such force of character within focus, which intricately impacts the mood of a scene or situation within the harmony of intuitive grace and control.  It’s this romanticism and passion that flows from her person and manner that could inspire the creation of emotively meaningful works of photographic art.




Brittany S. said that she was actually more of a promoter than a model, yet it’s easy to see the talent is definitely there. 



As a joint collision repair and customization center, RDB LA offers it’s 80 year wealth of combined experience and knowledge within the automotive field to provide car culture enthusiasts with service options that influence optimum satisfaction in vehicular style and performance.


Seductively brilliant through enticing expressive vivacity and passionate dynamic form, Caitlin Johnson mesmerizes with enrapturing emotive depth, characterized by an irresistible charisma inherent within movement and posture that effectively alludes to her background within performance and dance.


Franchesca Del Carpio allures within the soothing glow of vibrant expressive elegance and adorable charm.  She just always beams with a fresh embracing brilliance that at times can be quite passionately tempting within depth and focus.  With all that appeal, Franchesca remains one of the most approachable and enjoyable personalities to encounter within the live event scenes, despite her absence from most of the other show circuits in recent months.  However, she’s been a consistent presence within the DUB Show Tour for a few seasons now, and many fans can take comfort in that fact.


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