July 7, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Amber Alvarez

The modeling industry is commonly known as a field that honors art and creativity within the conceptions of theme and imagery.  Though this is true in most respects, the live promotional sector of the profession tends to provide greater dimension to such a definition, emphasizing the significance of persona and spirit upon the development of talent.  As a result, show circuits like AutoCon are often remembered throughout the years for the quality of characters presented upon their premier show floors every season.  This year, the lovely Amber Alexis Alvarez would be one such individual who would effectively dazzle the event grounds through her spirited enthusiasm for entertainment.  Representing the Smoke Free Source vaping shop for the duration of the show, Amber’s charm and charisma would not be contained within the boundaries of any single or specific station, essentially finding her place amongst the people themselves as an active participant in the automotive lifestyle celebration.  When all was said and done, this fresh new talent would effectively prove her worth as an interactive force within a premier event environment.




Amber Alexis Alvarez illuminates a scene through an embracing expressive vivacity defined by a dynamic sensuality of poise and form.  She just exudes this charismatic enthusiasm and seductive grace that effectively infuses lighthearted elements within moments of inspiring emotive intrigue, all effectively conveyed through the spontaneity and spirit of her intuitive creative process.


Amber would have no problem playing to the crowds during the AutoCon LA 2013 event, utilizing the features of her immediate vicinity to infuse personality into the live showcase experience.  In many ways, Amber exhibits a potential and talent that translates quite well within various roles and platforms of the import modeling scene, possessing an innate drive and charm towards connecting with fans and enthusiasts, while finding complimentary significance within the passionate themes of their vibrant showcase environments. 


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