November 21, 2013

HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013: Promo Girls Working the Nightshift


Not many other automotive showcase productions effectively highlight a flare for entertainment within the accompanying romanticism of an evening quite like Hot Import Nights.  After all, the brand name does tend to suggest a unique sensory cohesion, emphasizing the endurance of passion even upon the twilight hours of the day.  It’s an energy that rises within one’s soul to claim ownership of an experience, unbound and unrestricted in a thrill for beauty, art, and adventure.  It’s through such a vibe that makes live event spectaculars such as HIN WDRIFT Fontana feel all that more extraordinary, as lights, figures and silhouettes seemingly flash before one’s eyes in stunning succession, as to dramatize the suspense and intrigue within one the most splendid car culture celebrations of the Fall season.  Then, as if on cue, the stunning ladies of this spectacular nightshift suddenly emerge from the shadows, expressing a level of style and allure that is incomparable to the constructs of everyday experience.  It’s their presence that effectively provides the heat to these famed import nights and why they consistently find prominence within the history of this legendary live event series.


JDM Sport

JDM Sport offers a fine line of automotive parts and accessories geared towards optimum performance within an affection for style.

Jasmyn Skye has definitely developed into the face of the JDM Sport brand over the course of the entire season, currently the only active promotional personality to have represented the company at all of its major automotive showcase tour appearances in 2013.  Alluringly charming in radiant expressive sensuality, Jasmyn would truly exemplify that essential combination of character and presence necessary to keep fans energized upon a premier Hot Import Nights production show floor.




Tina Cha would make her Southern California debut as a premier spokesmodel for JDM Sport at HIN WDRIFT Fontana, exhibiting an elegant expressive order within soothing passionate style, which tells much of her potential within various genres of the modeling industry.



Seductively brilliant in enticing expressive charisma framed upon fluid passionate grace, Brenda Noi mesmerizes within a depth of dramatic intuition, which is well accentuated by an embracing enthusiasm towards the elements and constructs of a live event environment.  Such would make her a welcomed addition to the JDM Sport team during the course of the HIN WDRIFT Fontana extravaganza.


Extreme Autowerks

Extreme Autowerks is dedicated to assisting automotive enthusiasts in their repair, restoration and customization projects by providing quality options towards the realization of that ideal aesthetic glow within a modified vehicle and custom car design.


Sensually stunning in shimmering expressive adorability defined in tantalizing dynamic control, Nicole Llamosa would absolutely captivate audiences of this sanctioned Hot Import Nights production, while making her rounds upon the event grounds as a premier traveling representative for Extreme Autowerks. 


In the process of searching for some adequate lighting at the time of this chance encounter, the representatives of Adventus Forged were generous enough to lend their display and setup for the purposes of this coverage.



Sandra Wong would handle things at the base, so to speak, offering signed memorabilia and souvenirs to fans at the Extreme Autowerks booth during the HIN WDRIFT Fontana spectacular.  Vibrantly inspiring in soothing expressive serenity formed upon chic, delicate grace, Sandra embodies that scintillating fusion of sweetness and refinement that naturally and spontaneously finds a dedicated audience within any scene or atmosphere.  Whether it be a long time fan just looking to catch up on her adventures or a young boy just a little shy yet eager to pose for a picture by her side, Sandra is always happy to spend some quality moments with the people, effectively connecting with them on a level that is truly genuine as to provide that continuity of rapport that fundamentally drives her value as an efficient and effective spokesmodel. 

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