August 30, 2013

The FWY Series Pasadena 2013: Chilling in the Presence of Fine Models

Anybody accustomed to the California way of living knows that the vibrant summer conditions never really fade through the passage of time, as temperatures are known to soar even as the vacation season draws to a close.  Such would be the case at the August edition of the FWY Series at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, which presented yet another opportunity for car culture enthusiasts to indulge in some outdoor fun in the sun with many of the region’s most impressive custom cars and modified vehicles.  Though the various displays and featured presentations would prove quite intriguing to attending audiences, it was quite noticeable to observe that sudden need for sustenance taking over each individual, as people lined up in front of participating food trucks for some cool beverages while others fled for shelter under the comfort of the scarce shade.  In fact, the traveling ice cream man seemed to be doing pretty well for himself upon the show floor, greeted with the appreciation of the masses who were, needless to say, quite interested in what he had to offer.  There was no denying it really.  It was extremely hot out there.  But even within such a situation, that innate will for adventure still persists within the hearts of those passionate about the scene, and it often only requires the influence of example to set things upon its proper course.  It could be through a simple gesture of recognition upon arrival.  It could be an animated enthusiasm towards presented craftsmanship and detail.  It may even be the simple act of just being out there under the scorching solar rays, facing it head on in order to encourage others to forget about all the discomforts and just start living.  Indeed, it’s the character and persona of a professional promotional spokesmodel that often enriches the experience of a live event extravaganza, personifying a coolness and charisma that effectively maintains the entertainment mechanism within any experience.

NIA Auto Design

NIA Auto Design specializes in the production of aftermarket lip kits, eyelids, and splitters, which aim to accentuate a certain quality of character upon a vehicle’s exterior features.

Marie Alvarez would make a welcomed appearance at the FWY Series event in Pasadena, mesmerizing audiences through that soothing expressive depth and flowing sensual style that has effectively established her as one of the most visually enticing figures within this sector of the industry.  There’s just a certain bold sophistication and finesse to her disposition that finds dramatic relevance within a variety of themes and motifs, all characterized in a sheer clarity of emotive focus that provides definition and dimension within any artistic composition.  It’s through such style and chic conviction that she effectively distinguishes herself as a unique persona within the import scene.


Though fans and enthusiasts have come to know Marie well within various automotive showcase environments, this would actually mark the very first time she would ever pose for a photo inside of a featured modified vehicle.


742 Marketing / Geisha Events


Jenna Lane would generate some energy at FWY Series event in Pasadena, inspiring the crowds with that sweet expressive vivacity and charming delicate poise, which has allowed her to headline several premier event circuits as a featured promotional spokesmodel and live stage personality.  Representing host brand 742 Marketing during the event, Jenna would once again be tasked with engaging the audiences directly as a primary interactive force upon the show floor, an activity she very much excels in through the adorable spontaneity and genuine affection she conveys towards her audience.


Apparently, stuffed gorillas can’t seem to stop dancing, especially while in the hands of a playful Jenna Lane, who couldn’t get over the cuteness of the cuddly guy’s role in this featured custom car display.



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