August 28, 2013

Summer Kickback Dealer Showcase 2013: Car Culture Crews and Their Promo Models


There was really no need to overanalyze the concept and spirit behind the 2013 Summer Kickback Dealer Showcase.  It’s all quite blatantly stated within the event’s name itself, as the summer months are already well recognized as a time to relax and get together with the people one admires the most and appreciates.  Set within the back lots of the Puente Hills Mitsubishi dealership with a layout basking under the warmth of the brilliant California sunlight, the character and proximity of this particular automotive meet did much to inspire locals to alter their Sunday afternoon routines in order to experience the car culture in its rawest and truest form, effectively structured to stimulate the passions of import scene aficionados while organized by the enthusiasts who live and breathe the automotive lifestyle themselves.  Because of this prevailing spirit of camaraderie upon the show floor with groups of families and friends finding quality time within their affection for stunning custom cars and modified vehicles, some of the participating vendors couldn’t help but follow suit, inviting their own favorite people into the mix of the celebration.  Luckily for all those attending, some of those individuals would happen to be those sensually stunning promotional personalities, who have consistently enriched the experiences of audiences within several major showcase circuits throughout the season.

Finest Crew


Jay Ferrer would make a special appearance at the 2013 Summer Kickback Dealer Showcase, charming audiences with that sweet expressive radiance and energizing fluidity of form that has sustained her appeal as an official spokesmodel within several major automotive show circuits like Extreme Autofest and SPOCOM.



gXs Motorsports




Kelly Gebh has quickly become one of the primary figures of the gXs Motorsports promotional team, most recently recognized through her official appearances with the brand at Formula Drift and Extreme Autofest.  Vividly enticing in penetrating expressive focus, Kelly always infuses a quality of passion upon an atmosphere through a soothing force of character that commands the thematic direction of any photographic composition.




Shereen Saado (above) and Lauren Savage (below) would accompany Kelly as official spokesmodels for the gXs Motorsports brand during the 2013 Summer Kickback Dealer Showcase.  During the show, they would both express an appreciation for the fuchsia pink wheels that accentuated the look of this particular modified vehicle.


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