September 6, 2013

DUB Show Anaheim 2013: Grounds Report



Throughout the years, Angel Stadium has hosted some of Southern California’s most memorable live event spectaculars though, perhaps, none as significant in regards to the automotive lifestyle genre as the annual DUB Show extravaganza in Anaheim, California.  Scheduled this year within the peak summer month of August, the outdoor festival would effectively spotlight the style and attitude of American pop culture within a vibrant West Coast atmosphere.  Such would involve elaborate modified vehicle displays, exemplifying the ingenuity and creativity that fundamentally influences the custom car showcase phenomenon while emphasizing an independent spirit and persona that is boldly charismatic and intriguingly entertaining.  In that same regard, the DUB Show has always presented a unique blend of the most dynamic hip hop artists within the scope of its production.  Even beyond the stage and around another corner might even be the scene of that chance meeting with an acclaimed actor or athlete, promoting a brand at one of the show’s numerous promotional stations.  Indeed, the star-studded surprises just never seem to end.  For those who frequent the automotive show circuits, however, there already exists an element of fascination towards exceptional talent, one that very much highlights the personalities that continually define the live event promotional scene.  However, this conglomeration of artists from various sectors of the entertainment industry does suggest a need for a certain class of poise and character that can fundamentally compliment the thrill and excitement of such an environment.  Therefore, it isn’t uncommon to see some of the most beloved promotional models of the automotive scene at DUB Show Anaheim.


General Show Floor


The DUB Show at Anaheim’s Angel Stadium utilized a floor format that fully emphasized the scope and diversity of the set production, essentially maximizing space for each participating vendor or organization to allow for optimal flexibility in their efforts towards effective brand presentation.  In addition to the usual expansive stage and live performance area, there existed a perceivable thematic framework that allowed an audience to fully comprehend the course and direction of their journey upon the event grounds.  Certain areas would emphasize the ingenuity of prominent car clubs while other areas would feature the brands intricately involved in the development of aftermarket parts and products.  Likewise, the promotional talent of the event would be similarly stationed, well influenced by the professional associations that they have established throughout the course of their careers.  To provide further clarification, the following is a breakdown of what to expect from the upcoming model industry coverage in relation to the major showcase features and attractions of the event.

Big Brand Beauties Monster Talent

Some logos are hard to ignore though all the more irresistible when represented in an effective way.  Therefore, along with the automotive industry’s biggest brand names would come some of the most promising young modeling stars within the scene today, essentially optimizing the allure of any specific featured showcase and display.


Being associated with a major show sponsor like Monster Energy Drink clearly indicates a class and charisma that translates well into various roles and duties.  Such would be well exemplified by the brand’s established stars at the Anaheim DUB Show, as the ladies would enrich the overall show experience through the spirit of their various promotional activities.

Hot Wheels Car Part Cuties

Luxury wheels tend to gleam through a company’s dedication towards quality.  Apparently, such a principle is also relied upon while choosing representatives for major showcase spectaculars, as their promotional teams often feature the leading personalities currently active within the automotive scene today.


Perhaps, the best aspect of searching for inspiration towards that next vehicular modification is the opportunity of receiving an autographed poster from a premier spokesmodel in the process.  Indeed, things like that happen all the time at the Anaheim DUB Show.


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