May 19, 2013

Formula Drift Long Beach 2013: The Women of SPOCOM

For over half a decade, SPOCOM has been a dominating force in automotive lifestyle entertainment, known as one of the most prestigious import showcase circuits to have organized at least one major venue production each year within the last six seasons.  Along with this established presence lies a tradition of consistent and dedicated involvement within all sectors of their scene and industry, the fundamental reason why the brand has such an expansive impact on the broad-based automotive culture today.  In regards to the Formula Drift circuit, the thrill associated within the sport of drifting is often well reciprocated within a passion for the automotive lifestyle, and in this relationship SPOCOM has always found a place within the Formula Drift tour as a recurring live brand supporter upon their event grounds throughout the years.  As the automotive element is often well represented already, SPOCOM often relies on defining that fundamental feature which has driven much of is popularity and success throughout its history, a unique quality well exemplified within the form and grace of some of the leading modeling personalities within the import and automotive scene.  It’s these amazing promotional professionals who would do much to maximize the enthusiasm and excitement of a big season opening extravaganza even into the waning hours of the event.  After all, the Streets of Long Beach just seem all the more invigorating when the ladies of SPOCOM come over for a visit. 


Ms. Lynn Lyn allures with a sweet visual elegance, which charms within a smooth luster of expressive vivacity formed upon passionate, dynamic sensuality.  It’s within such shimmering adorability that established her appeal upon the grounds of SPOCOM-sponsored events last season.




Hayle Cayaga continues to progress during her first season as an active promotional talent, now apparently associated with automotive scene powerhouse SPOCOM as an official brand spokesmodel.  Inspiringly brilliant in sweet expressive charisma framed upon charming delicate grace, Hayle delivers such energizing emotive quality into a scene or composition, well defined in the pure character and genuine poise inherent within her disposition.  There’s just something very refreshing and openly embracing about how she conducts herself, which could give rise to one of the next captivating personas within the scene. 



Ngan Vo always dazzles within serene aesthetic intrigue, well characterized by a soothing expressive depth accentuated by passionate sensual style.  She just infuses such immersing tranquility within an atmosphere that flows with a certain flare and force of character that is penetratingly dramatic within focus and intuitive poise, qualities which would compliment any thematic construct within fashion and artistic media.





Soothingly seductive in radiant expressive quality embraced in vivid, enticing control, Ashlee Nichole exudes an energized yet stylistically delicate form of sensuality, which enchants within a flowing consistency of focus that intricately illuminates the passionate style inherent within her poise and posture.  There’s a certain order to her process, as well, that brings about a depth of visual character and natural charm upon a live event environment, appealing facets which would effectively land her in contention for the Miss Tecate Light Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach crown this year.





Jenn Marie has been SPOCOM’s primary pre-season personality within recent months, promoting the brand within several automotive and glamour showcase circuits since the end of 2012.  Brilliantly alluring in vibrant expressive enthusiasm, Jenn delivers an additional dose of refreshing character and charisma to this year’s SPOCOM talent roster.




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