June 3, 2013

West Coast Hooters Swimsuit Finals Pageant 2013: Expression Through Swimwear

Fashion is more than just a common everyday choice.  It’s an expression of self-identity exemplified within one’s style and personality.  Perhaps, the most significant element of one’s wardrobe repertoire during the course of the summer months has been a person’s particular preference in swimwear.  Characterized by heavy anticipation towards fun island or beach paradise getaways, the lead-up to summer often motivates people to get off the couch more than any other period on the calendar in an apparent desire to effectively present themselves properly within their summertime ensembles before the season actually arrives.  The importance of such an item has been well represented by the mainstream media who often refer to the beginning of summer as the official start of the year’s “bikini season.”  So, whether it be through sparkling fabrics, elaborate patterns, or daintily designed metallics within swimwear, each of the contestants of the 2013 West Coast Hooters Swimsuit Finals Pageant would dazzle the audiences of Santa Ana’s Yost Theater through their own expressions of sensual elegance, flare, and form, building their cases for becoming the toast of the coast, as their circuit’s western regional pageant champion.



Round 2:  Swimwear Segment (Continued)

Rancho Bernardo, CA

Chloe Miranda
Costa Mesa, CA

Oceanside, CA

Mission Valley, CA

Mission Valley, CA

Anaheim, CA

Long Beach, CA

San Diego, CA

Costa Mesa, CA

Jantzen Beach, Oregon
Ontario, CA


San Diego, CA

Costa Mesa, CA



Coverage of the 2013 West Coast Hooters Swimsuit Finals Pageant continues…

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