April 2, 2013

Hot Import Nights Fontana 2013: Lounging with the HIN Hotties (Part 2)

The HIN event series has always been known for delivering a unique brand of nightlife entertainment, suited to the character and spirit of the avid automotive lifestyle enthusiast.  While live performance segments and hundreds of modified vehicles did much to satisfy the adventurous delights of the energetic crowds, the expansive official spokesmodel lounge at Hot Import Nights Fontana provided an inviting variance to that tempo, which for many would be quite breathtaking upon given the chance to converse and interact with some of the most beautiful and talented young stars of the automotive modeling sector.  With a name steeped in a tradition of style, creativity and sensuality, HIN has consistently attracted talent from various backgrounds, genres and locales, allowing for some of the richest live meet-and-greet experiences available within any active show circuit today.

HIN Fontana 2013 Official Spokesmodels

Stunning in shimmering sophistication, Desiree Vidal possesses a visual luster defined by the order and vivacity inherent within the fluid collaboration of poise and expressive character.  The emotive value she infuses into a composition or situation imposes such potent influence upon an atmosphere and leaves little question as to the true force behind any developing thematic direction.  Such is also quite indicative of her infectious charm and natural charisma within any live event setting.


Ashley Malia mesmerizes with a sweetness and subtlety of manner that enraptures through emotive depth and soothing sensual intrigue.  Such captivating serenity has made her one of the premier talents of the SoCal import scene.


Harmony Cunamay charms with an alluring radiance born from an expressive style and character that bursts forth in genuine, adorable charisma.  She just conveys an embracing enthusiasm that compliments the energy and activity of a festive show atmosphere.



Seductively enthralling through tempting expressive vivacity and form, Audrey Elizabeth infuses undeniable sensuality into any situation.

Sensually enchanting through enticing passionate depth and control, Lovely Rachelle effectively expresses herself throughout the entire range and dimension of the perceivable emotive spectrum.  She just conveys and interprets the mood and moment with such bold brilliance and passionate focus, which intricately romanticizes the character of a scene.

British Columbia based talent Anna H. spellbinds within the scintillating chic charm of tranquility and grace.  She delivers an element of smooth emotive quality and class that influences awe and reverence for the purity of expressive content she is able to contribute toward any particular instance or visual piece.


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