May 21, 2013

Relaxing in SoCal 2013: One Woman Show

The City of Torrance has been renowned as a popular hot spot for the Southern California car culture community, having served as the setting for some of the more memorable local automotive meets within the last two to three event seasons.  With that said, the Relaxing in SoCal annual car showoff spectacular might very well be the largest of its kind, consistently closing operations throughout an entire street to effectively showcase the creativity and artistry of dedicated automotive lifestyle enthusiasts.  Such proud supporters of the scene would line the sidewalks and occupy nearby lots with exhibits of their fine vehicular craftsmanship and vivid, stylized conceptions.  With the celebration of Cinco de Mayo in full force upon the grounds, including live band performances and festive family gatherings throughout the area, there was little else that could seemingly accentuate the moment within such a smorgasbord of entertainment penetrating the minds and hearts of many attendees at the present except, perhaps, for the appearance of one of the Southern California region’s young talented promotional personalities, who would make a surprise appearance at this year’s show.

Kinetik Audio


Kinetik Audio prides itself in developing a fine line of dependable, high-intensity audio power cell products, designed to maximize the potential and output of a vehicle-integrated sound experience.




Sarah Marie C. is one of Kinetic Audio’s premier live promotional talents, having represented the company during all of its major event tour appearances within the Southern California region since 2011.  Brilliantly inspiring in pristine expressive character framed upon enamoring sensuality and form, Sarah brings a certain emotive clarity and grace into a situation or composition that just bursts with a purity of charisma, which is effortless in its immersing impact.  It’s this vibrant charm in her manner that is just so genuine within its embrace, which so intricately reflects the true content of her persona, ever so appreciative and aware of the people that she encounters, effectively conveying her natural affection for the role of brand ambassador.  While quite possibly one of the sweetest ladies one may ever encounter at a live event, she is also one of the more aesthetically appealing young talents within her segment of the industry, able to correlate her character within the constructs of poise and movement to create comprehension between all stylistic elements, seemingly immersing one in potent adorability and enamoring seduction simultaneously through the efficiency and flow of her natural disposition.  In summation, Sarah possesses a talent that truly influences thematic intrigue, which caters to the prospect for creative dimension.

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