May 18, 2013

Formula Drift Long Beach 2013: A Slammed Society Filled with Models


The Formula Drift circuit provides fans many opportunities of effectively engrossing themselves within the drama, spectacle and culture of the biggest drifting sports extravaganza of the United States.  Much of the drama naturally originates upon the specific event’s official course and track, where the top professionals of competitive drift would do battle, matching their speed, precision and showmanship against the talents of other skilled drivers willing to take their aspired spot upon a featured podium.  Furthermore, the thrill of a spectacle can come from anywhere within a hybrid vendor and pit area layout, which is organized to maximize attendee exposure towards brands and talented figures that comprise the elite of the popular drifting competitive scene.  When it comes to culture, however, Formula Drift is essentially driven by an affection for style, a passion born fundamentally from a dedication toward the vehicles themselves.  Therefore, in order to showcase this element of enthusiasm for the lifestyle, Formula Drift has regularly enlisted the assistance of Fatlace, a brand with an affinity for the car culture itself, to hold its Slammed Society car show in conjunction with the other features of the event.  Such has often influenced the decision of many of the import scene’s hottest young talents to attend the circuit’s season opening festivities.

JDM Sport

JDM Sport dedicates itself to the production of quality performance parts, systems and accessories, which cater to an automotive enthusiast’s preferences for style and functional longevity.

Jamie Lynn (middle) was an active talent for the JDM Sport brand a few years back, now visiting with her former crew here at Formula Drift to relive some of those fond memories.




Lena Love returns to Formula Drift Long Beach for her second consecutive appearance with the JDM Sport brand at this annual season opening spectacular.  Radiantly enthralling through elegant expressive spirit framed upon scintillating sensual style, Lena passionately affects an atmosphere with a charming consistency of focus within subtle intuitive grace and control.  Such intoxicating appeal continues to make her one of JDM Sport’s most cherished personalities within various live event environments.






Lori Lin brings a unique shimmer of charismatic allure to the JDM Sport promotional team this season, visually dazzling through an adorable expressive luster that enraptures in intuitive dynamic form.  There’s just this pristine sensuality and flow to her manner that is just so pure in character and content, a quality which often finds emotive significance within any scene, mood or style of composition.





Vivaciously sweet in brilliant expressive charm formed upon sensually delicate poise, Lana Lee beams with a style and charisma, which mesmerizes within the fusion of soothing depth and enticingly control.  Such talent can only add more dimension to the already rich promotional roster associated with the company.





Jasmyn Skye always charms with an embracing expressive spirit accentuated within a vivacious intuitive poise.  She just presents a sensuality and character that influences enjoyable interaction and activity within any given environment or situation, contributing exponentially toward the overall enjoyment and affection for any particular event experience.


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