March 31, 2013

Hot Import Nights Fontana 2013: Lounging with HIN Hotties (Part 1)


The working formula, which has catapulted the Hot Import Nights trademark and brand to legendary heights amongst many car culture enthusiasts is this emphasis upon “the experience.” Such is not often as easy to define in its entirety as it is to recognize within its fundamental elements. It’s the dancing neon lights and the beat of the music. It’s the fading golden glow of the horizon. It’s the luster of soothing light upon the smooth, shimmering contours of creative conception. And within the romanticism of the moment comes the realization of being surrounded by some of the most gorgeous women in the world, who by their character and style bring everything to such perfect clarity. Suddenly, there’s just nothing left to define when one feels the total sensory euphoria of being at Hot Import Nights Fontana.


HIN Fontana 2013 Official Spokesmodels


April Joy tantalizes with a penetrating seductive radiance that is born within the sensual flow between form and expressive character.  Such mesmerizing visual charm has made her a fan favorite within a variety of major trade show circuits during the last few years. 




Intoxicating through inspiring statuesque grace, Marissa Hiroko is definitely one of the most emotively dynamic talents active within the import and automotive scene.  She just produces a certain haunting tranquility through the soothing unison of control and movement that is innately elegant and aesthetically sound.  Along with this quality comes an expressive clarity that is utterly immersing in powerful brilliance and captivating depth.  Her ability to explore and convey varying degrees and states of passion with relative ease and fluidity tells much of her worth as a premier fashion or cover girl personality.



Suemomo always enchants with a soothing delicate sensuality that enraptures within the sophistication of form and a sweetness of expressive character.




Lily Wang was happy to send out some peace signs to her adoring fans during the HIN Fontana event.


Ms. Lynn Lyn has been constantly expanding her presence within the import scene since midseason 2012.  Since then, she’s represented popular car culture brands such as DaYUUM and Drive M7 Energy Drinks at several featured community meets and big venue events.  In her recent career, she’s even gained several official model designations for major show circuits spanning well into the glamour event scene.  Her appeal ultimately stems from the enthusiasm and embracing spirit she brings into every show floor, ever so energizing and inviting toward her audience that one feels inclined to interact freely and enjoy themselves completely.  All is quite telling of her prowess as an effective live event brand ambassador and personality.



Scintillatingly alluring in chic expressive depth, Jennifer Irene Gonzalez brings a unique element of stylistic attitude that is powerful in focus and execution.  Such a marketable presence has earned her honors as the 2010 Miss Taiwan USA pageant champion, as well as numerous published features and covers with magazines such as FHM and Performance Auto and Sound.  People in the SoCal car culture scene may still recall her previous appearance during the HIN Los Angeles event during the 2011 season.  A long awaited return could only bring such fond memories.




Coverage of Hot Import Nights Fontana 2013 continues next…

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