April 29, 2013

DUB Show Los Angeles 2013: Import Models with Extreme Autofest


The import scene would have a significant presence at the Los Angeles DUB Show in the form of an officially sponsored booth by automotive showcase circuit organizer Extreme Autofest.  For several years now, Extreme Autofest has effectively promoted its brand of car culture entertainment to the largest cities of the Southern California region, holding scheduled sanctioned events within Anaheim and San Diego on a consistent annual basis.  Their emphasis upon a spanning perspective on the automotive lifestyle has been characterized by many fans and professionals within the scene as one of the most colorfully vibrant live event festivals within its genre.  Featuring an expansive display of customized automobiles and modified motorcycles, the event series synthesizes the passions of various communities into one major event extravaganza, often headlined by much anticipated musical performances and premier stage competitions.  With their 2013 season debut only a few weeks away, set for the Angel Stadium on May 11th, 2013, many of the featured promotional personalities of the Extreme Autofest brand would head onto the DUB Show event floor with a fresh enthusiasm for the exciting things yet to come.



Brilliantly alluring in shimmering serene charisma, Jenna Lane charms within the soothing warmth of intoxicating expressive sweetness.  She always infuses such uplifting spirit and character into an atmosphere, attracting an audience within a concentrated dose of visual adorability while inspiring with an intuitive sense of impromptu humor.  Such showmanship has allowed her to delve into various roles in her recent career as special presentations host and entertainment correspondent for popular event circuits and independent news outlets. 




Jasmyn Skye returns for her second DUB Show Los Angeles event in two consecutive years, leading a team of brand new JDM Sports vixens upon the show floor during the course of the event.  As one of the currently leading promotional personalities of the JDM Sports brand, Jasmyn truly exemplifies that radiant sensuality of character and vivacity of spirit that fundamentally influences and defines the nature and quality of a show experience. 




Passionately intoxicating with vibrant expressive elegance framed upon enamoring dynamic form, new JDM Sport talent Lori Lin utterly captivates with a certain emotive order and control, which is sensually intriguing within depth and inspiring in serene character.  There’s an integrity and charm within her disposition that stuns in sheer pristine quality, traits which could garner her quite a significant following in the foreseeable future.






Lana Lee would also make her debut at this year’s DUB Show in Los Angeles as one of the brand new JDM Sport vixens associated with the Extreme Autofest brand during the event.  Enticingly striking through smooth expressive focus and stunning seductive style, this lovely new talent exudes with vividly dramatic sensuality, which within poise and character proves quite visually spellbinding.



LJ Ines absolutely allures within charming expressive radiance formed upon vibrant style within poise.  Her energizing visual charisma builds much anticipation for the fresh new talent that might introduce themselves at Angel Stadium for the first Extreme Autofest event of the year.



Sensually enthralling though soothing, penetrating focus defined within seductive statuesque poise, Ryan Oso dazzles with a smooth caressing charisma fundamentally characterized by stylistic expressive drama that haunts and intrigues in enamoring emotive clarity and consistency.  She just presents a certain passionate intensity within the flow of gentle tranquility that has a potential to entice and inspire within any form of visual media.


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