December 29, 2012

Progressive International Motorcycle Show of Long Beach 2012: The Talent Rundown (Part 2)

Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycles stance on high-performance adventure has stood the test of time with a history dating back to the dawn of the 20th century.  Just one look at the volume of visitors they attracted toward their displays at this show would convince anyone of the trust and stature placed upon the brand by the consumers.  Triumph is very much a part of the tradition associated with the motorcycling culture, after all.
The chic expressive brilliance of Candice Lorraine Wurster personified the energy and enthusiasm alluded to by the Triumph brand name.


Harley-Davidson is a brand built upon the spirit of independence and the creative drive of individuality.  For this reason, it’s hard to fathom any prestigious American motorcycle show in existence that does not showcase a Harley-Davidson product or creation upon its floors.  Heavy and bold, shimmering with the intricacies of visual personality, Harley-Davidson designs emulate the grit and character of the American way of living.

Natalie Jahnke embodies that fusion of strength and visual allure that is representative of the Harley-Davidson brand.  She just possesses this confidence and humility that makes you believe she knows her way.  So far, her way has been one of rigorous training, sweat and effort that has earned her 3 consecutive world championships with the most dominating team in the Lingerie Football League, the Los Angeles Temptation.  She’ll be touring again with the team in 2013 making promotional stops at events like the LA Fitness Expo in January, so it’s quite certain there will be much more to be written about Natalie in the months to follow.

Enthrallingly charming with natural grace, Shae Penturf was the intoxicating presence that kept the atmosphere around Harley-Davidson’s main reception table festive and teeming with activity. 

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