December 30, 2012

Progressive International Motorcycle Show of Long Beach 2012: Ducati Ladies in Red (Part 1)

For many people, Ducati is Italian for premium performance. With a history decorated in titles within prestigious racing circuits like the World Superbike Championships and MotoGP, the brand has a reputation for high quality precision engineering that maximizes the riding experience. For others, perhaps, it’s the sleek distinctive design that intrigues the senses the most, observing the rich contours that shimmer and form something immaculate to the eye. In a way, Ducati is about loving the lifestyle, and who wouldn’t with hot bikes, hot coffee, and, of course, a few attentive ladies in red, beaming smiles right beside.


Chantel Parker just dazzled with a radiant adorability which was so exquisitely illuminated by the thematic elegance of the situation and scene.


With an expressive brilliance framed upon the delicate charm of sophistication, Jessica Harbour exemplified the style and flare inherent within the Ducati brand culture.



Mariah Longo utterly seduces with an emotive depth and focus that just beams passion into any situation.  The level of efficiency and clarity in which she is able to convey such emotions is spellbinding, especially within a busy live event atmosphere.  Import and drifting fans might recall her appearance within their scene at the Ken Block Invitational a few years back in 2010 representing Castrol.  Those who didn’t get to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show this year might just have to keep wishing for some déjà vu. 





Mesmerizing in shimmering expressive charm and poise, Mayra Tinajero definitely had this approachability factor going on.  Maybe that’s why she was one of the top 10 Hometown Hotties for Maxim Magazine in 2011.



Coverage of the 2012 Progressive International Motorcycle Show continues next…

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