December 29, 2012

Progressive International Motorcycle Show of Long Beach 2012: The Talent Rundown (Part 1)

The Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach provided splendid spectacles of visual artistry, form and performance that exemplified much of the style and charisma that a passionate motorcycling community had to offer.  With all the goodies abound, the companies attending the event made sure they had the right representation to drive the message of their own unique brand culture effectively to the wandering masses, utilizing the talents of promotional modeling professionals who through their varied backgrounds helped with creating that lasting impression.

MotoGP Experience

When it comes to motorcycle road racing, MotoGP stands for the pinnacle of action and performance, well recognized as the sport’s premier championship circuit.  For the chance to experience a little of that live, a dedicated racing fan would probably sell off a few prized possessions or maybe, if they’re observant enough, just head over to their local big venue box office for a ticket to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  The MotoGP Experience was formed for the purpose of getting fans up close and personal with the feel and excitement of the action sports lifestyle with an all-star display of the MotoGP circuit’s finest racing machines.  For a few days, fans could pretend to be a star in a sport that they love, taking pictures with their hero’s favorite ride.  Of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without a stunning umbrella girl right there to shade one from those harsh ceiling lights. 

Scoping out the display, the long lines for photo ops supported that air of enthusiasm people had for high performance racing machines.  However, one could not deny the radiant charm of Victoria Smith while standing beside those bikes.  Even away from the display, she accommodated the excitement of the attendees with a tireless enthusiasm and embracing elegance of character that made her quite a popular figure at her station.


Ural Motorcycles

Ural specializes in a motorcycle and sidecar combination design characterized by an upbeat flare for thematic intrigue.  Whether someone is seeking adventure in desert camouflage or looking to “show some teeth” through vibrant color, Ural tends to exalt one’s spirit through the dynamicity of their own brand culture.  With that said, who better to promote such fun and creative designs than a couple of the Long Beach Tilted Kilt ladies.


Jade (above) and Makena (below) complimented the Ural display quite nicely with a sweet brilliance and vivacity that the Tilted Kilt girls are well renowned for.


Erik Buell Racing

EBR stands for Erik Buell Racing, a brand forged by the passion for American ingenuity, technically integrated with an international scope of engineering disciplines.  The result was the EBR 1190RS Carbon Edition which was displayed proudly in its very own booth at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show.

San Diego BMW’s Kelly Horne was on hand to help promote the EBR 1190RS Carbon Edition, as the bike had been displayed at their dealership for a while before the show.  It’s unclear why she had a hard hat on, however.  Maybe a clue lies in the EBR brand moto of being “fiercely independent.”  Fiercely independent people are tough, and it could be assumed that tough people wear hard hats.  However, Kelly’s sweetly angelic smile does tend to throw one off that message.

Motorcycle Superstore


The Motorcycle Superstore is one of the largest retailers for motorcycle parts, equipment and accessories online.  Being a one-stop shop for everything related with the motorcycling lifestyle is definitely appealing to any enthusiast.  However, a single alluring gaze from one of their representatives at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show does tend to further motivate one’s interest.

Enthrallingly brilliant through irresistible expressive warmth, Olivia Paladin has this pure magnetic charisma, which makes it difficult to just plainly walk by her booth.  Matched with sophistication of form and character, she exudes a style that seems poised for a successful future as a product or fashion catalog model.


Caitlin Litzinger has quite a resume, starting with a dance background rooted in several different disciplines including jazz, contemporary dance and aerial performance art.  Honing her skills further within the world of professional acting, she’s been able to translate her passion onto the small screen with appearances in televised hit programs like Castle, Entourage, and Sons of Anarchy.  Her course seems set towards evolving into a truly complete artist.

Coverage of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show continues next…

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