November 19, 2013

HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013: Promotional Models Directing Traffic


Hot Import Nights would return upon the grounds of the Auto Club Speedway for what some might have come to consider as the effective sequel to the HIN Fontana spectacular held upon the same venue earlier in the year.  Because of the success of its last outing upon the famed event grounds with expectations naturally running high for its second coming, company organizers felt the need to bring something additionally intriguing to their loyal Southern California fans, namely the WDRIFT America competition, which would run in conjunction with the car culture entertainment elements that regularly dominate their programs.  However, with a major INDYCAR presence active throughout the same day, there is a certain risk of the audience getting lost within the sensory spectacles presented to them upon the entirety of such a dynamic environment.  With this understanding, the role of promotional models within the scope of presentation becomes all that more significant towards providing that essential direction and cohesion upon a show floor.  The strategy was quite easily discernable with a vast majority of these promotional teams packed into the spaces immediately adjacent to the entrance, even as a thrilling expanse of California’s most alluring modified vehicles and custom cars would lie beyond towards other intriguing options of entertainment.  The message was simple.  It’s personality that drives this live event mechanism in many ways, providing information and moments of inspiration, in which to influence a complete realization of the fundamental spirit and nature of each level and facet of the extravaganza.



2Crave effectively conveys an innate passion for living through the scintillating refinement and design of their premier luxury wheel products.

Arika Sato continues to be one of the most recognized live brand ambassadors of the 2Crave brand, effectively dazzling HIN WDRIFT attendees within that passionate expressive depth and scintillating delicate control, which has essentially solidified her reputation as one of the most elegant personas of the automotive show circuits today.  Upon the promotional frontlines of this Hot Import Nights event, the experienced host and media personality would have no problems capturing and maintaining the crowd’s attention throughout the evening.






Vibrantly elegant in brilliant expressive order, Brittany Brickner always charms within a class and charisma, which effortlessly conveys genuine enthusiasm upon the nature of any scene or environment.  Representing 2Crave for the third time this season during the course of the HIN WDRIFT Fontana extravaganza, Brittany would definitely provide for some fun vibes around her area of the active show floor.


Swagg Wood

Swagg Wood offers unique options for effective self expression through a fine selection of wood jewelry and accessories, which highlight the distinct passions of the individual.


Claudia Judith Moran would make her return to the import scene show circuits with this appearance for Swagg Wood at the HIN WDRIFT Fontana spectacular, having been mostly known for her consistent involvement within the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach throughout the recent years.  Radiantly alluring in embracing expressive vivacity, Claudia always accentuates an experience through an innate awareness and acknowledgement of the environment before her, as she always appreciates the energy audiences provide within the scope of her duties.


HIN Imaculant

Lexxii Marie would definitely contribute potent sensuality towards the Hot Import Nights show floor experience, exuding a shimmering expressive spirit within vivid seductive poise, which did much to lure the masses towards her company’s premier displays.



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