October 28, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: The Designers and Models of a Fabulous Soiree


On this final night of Style Week OC at Fashion Island, event organizers were prepared to put out all the stops to make this 2013 spectacular one of the most complete and comprehensive representations of the broad-based fashion scene.  Thus, the emphasis on providing distinct experiences within the program would be key to establishing that unique flavor, in which to instill a lasting intrigue towards rich themes and motifs upon the hearts and minds of a dedicated audience.  Such would be essentially realized within what many would refer to as a FABULOUS Soiree, a special nighttime gathering set upon Fashion Island’s Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s courtyard for the purpose of celebrating a common appetite for art and fashion.  Though such passions would be broadly characterized by a pure visual fascination towards the presented items and concepts of the featured fashion program, others would find its significance within deeper meaning.  To them, this would be an actualization of their true inherent potential, a vindication for a long, eventful journey towards honing an innate talent, deeply seeded within their blood, being and soul.  Indeed, FIDM’s top graduating designers of 2013 would have much to look back upon, as they witnessed some of Southern California’s most alluring runway models sporting their own distinct collections during the DEBUT Runway Show segment of this year’s Style Week OC.


Debut Runway Show (Continued)


Katie Chick would fully honor and express her family’s natural affinity towards fashion in this stunningly vibrant beachwear collection, a project intricately formulated through her vision of the Greek island lifestyle in Mykonos.

Kalyn Hemphill inspired audiences at Style Week OC within the pristine radiance of this Katie Chick design, as the dress effectively reflected that youthful, vivacious energy that fuels her own talent and style.


It would become quite apparent that Amber Lindauer would have no problems attracting attention upon some exotic Mediterranean seaport, as she would stylistically compliment the grace and flow of this featured Katie Chick design during FIDM’s DEBUT Runway Show at Style Week OC.



Well influenced by the artistry that thrives within her family culture, Britt Luttio would find her vehicle towards self-expression within the concepts of this featured debut clothing line, well characterized in a distinct order of shape and pattern upon a set palette of dual and tri-color design.


Kalyn Hemphill would thoroughly gleam in this featured Britt Luttio ensemble, effectively framing the bold contrasts in tone, texture and color upon the sweet sophistication of her character and poise.


Amber Lindauer would assist in concluding Britt Luttio’s featured fashion showcase at Style Week OC, showcasing some of that smooth style and charisma on the runway while sporting this elaborately detailed featured dress and coat ensemble.



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