October 29, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Inspired Fashions and the Women Who Wear Them


Fashion is ultimately defined in a statement, a declaration of purpose or identity that fundamentally signifies the character within a completed project or collection.  It’s a theme or inspiration that establishes direction.  Thus, it is all the more significant to one’s distinct stylistic progression.  So, as one discovers that unique essence of motivation within his or her being, a true discovery of oneself can be effectively achieved, leading to the full manifestation of one’s talent in its purest and most potent form.  Perhaps, it’s through such an understanding, which influenced the initial organization and creation of the DEBUT Runway Show, an event that continues to honor and recognize the evolution of FIDM’s top students into truly legitimate professional artists.  Style Week OC would be proud to feature these brilliant, up-and-coming designers at Newport Beach’s Fashion Island, a popular shopping destination where they would be fully exposed to the general public like never before.  As a result, the modeling industry has always had a significant role within such celebrated occasions, possessing that talent and personality, in which to emphasize and convey the underlying message of each uniquely conceived design.  It’s through such presence, which would effectively breathe life within these stunning concepts upon the Style Week OC runway.


DEBUT Runway Show (Continued)

Jordan Blake Service would showcase a true passion for the arts through an intriguing presentation of intricate pattern and color shaped upon dynamic lines of fluid majesty and bold structure.


During the DEBUT Runway Show of Style Week OC, Brianna Barnes would dazzle in all her charismatic glory as the segment’s true lady in red, donning this chic, romantic dress design by FIDM’s Jordan Blake Service.





With a unique background as a successful track and field competitor, Octavius Terry would express his respect towards athleticism upon a debut line that would emphasize the power and spirit of the individual, all of which would be effectively conveyed in pristine color and textural contrasts that seemingly burst forward in confident, unabashed character.


During this Style Week OC presentation, Kalyn Hemphill would fully showcase the innate power behind this Octavius Terry ensemble, one which fundamentally celebrates the sweet sensuality inherent within the feminine identity, while simultaneously amplifying such themes in the pristine boldness of theme and color.


Amber Lindauer would bring forth some animated enthusiasm in conjunction with the elegance of her innate statuesque frame, emphasizing the bold and fresh flavor of this Octavius Terry ensemble during the 2013 Style Week OC celebration.



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