February 6, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: The Fit Expo Fashion Show (Part 2)

The Fit Girl Wear Fashion Show proceeded onward with more of the brand’s alluring two-piece bikini designs, getting everyone in the crowd ready for the upcoming beach and competition seasons. More men’s casual apparel from Max Out or Get Out would be featured alongside. One of the most unique characteristics of the Fit Girl Wear fashion line, however, was its equal emphasis upon costume style and creation, the effective utilization of such to be played out live and on stage for all to enjoy.


Bojana Vasiljevic is an international IFBB pro figure athlete with career milestones at prestigious competitions such as the IFBB World Championship and the IFBB Arnold Classic.  One can immediately sense this chic depth in her expressive manner that illuminates the passion brought forth by the fine sensuality inherent within her control and poise.  She’s a talent that truly captivates in splendid artistry.

Joining Bojana on the stage was Chris Stretch, who was actually just starting his journey into the fitness world.  Briefly speaking with him alongside Jupinko after the show, he seemed excited about the prospect of delving further into the field and engrossing himself within the motivational culture and lifestyle.

Nikki Utley captivates with scintillating expressive charm brought forth by an unbound enthusiasm, which quite often produced favorable responses from the crowd.  Off stage, she spends her time producing hit television programs such as “the Apprentice,” “Celebrity Rehab,” and “Flipping Out.”  Therefore, one might conclude its in her nature to be productive.


The creator of the transformative “Miss Bikini Diva” non profit project, Lisa Lamazzi Nilsson is an experienced fitness industry professional who takes a proactive stance on helping others achieve their goals and aspirations.  One glimpse of her on stage is motivation enough to get all the hard work done, and the brilliance of her smile tells much of the elation that comes with that realization, effort and accomplishment.

Dena Anne Weiner returned once again to the stage dressed in a Fit Girl Wear custom-made design, accompanied this time by multiple-time ballroom dance champion Ivan Berkovic for a special costumed dance spectacular.  Dena and Ivan have already been competing in various dance competitions across the country and had decided to make the Fit Expo one of their guest performance stops.  The following contains video highlights of their acrobatic, gravity-defying performance.


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