October 20, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Models Bring the Fashion to Life

Style Week OC would continue onward in its region-wide campaign towards promoting style and fashion, effectively prompting various companies around Orange County to establish their own style extravaganzas within the scope and features of their own stores and properties.  Shoppers at the Market Place in Tustin, California would find themselves particularly impacted by the Style Week OC phenomenon with a good concentration of its residing retail businesses working to make each of their stylish little shindigs as memorable of an experience for all those visiting and involved.  White House Black Market would be one of those participating brands who would add a little magic to the customers’ shopping experience.  After all, who wouldn’t be intrigued upon witnessing a display window seemingly coming to life before one’s eyes, where the character and poise of some of Southern California’s most lovely fashion models would be placed upon a pedestal, so to speak, during a time when a simple fascination for style can significantly influence the reality.





Stylist Maggie Slater would be the creative mind behind all the magic at this White House Black Market window display in Tustin.  During the course of conversation, she expressed her enthusiasm towards showcasing the versatility of the company’s line of designs and conceptions within professional and nightlife atmospheres, a task she accomplished quite splendidly during this 2013 Style Week OC event.






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