September 11, 2013

DUB Show Anaheim 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Jessica Weaver

The DUB Show Tour consistently provides an avid automotive enthusiast with a visual experience of the finest products and creations presented by the automotive scene’s most renowned entities and passionate individuals.  Therefore, whether it be through the intrigue of newly released car component technology or the flare of personalized custom car design, the outdoor show spectacular never ceases to inspire within a keen fascination for potential and possibility.  Such is also well apparent upon witnessing the progress of certain talented professionals involved within such a prestigious show circuit, as a first impression soon develops into true recognition within the scope of a specific scene and industry culture.  In many ways, the lovely Jessica Weaver would exemplify such a course and journey, known as one of the 2013 season’s hottest exclusive brand ambassadors.  After debuting in the Southern California automotive circuits through the Vertini Wheels brand at DUB Show Los Angeles, she would effectively capitalize on such an opportunity by becoming the primary figure on the company’s featured promotional campaigns while exponentially expanding her presence through extensive appearances within various show circuits throughout the region. 

Sensually enticing in passionate expressive tranquility defined in vivid statuesque form, Jessica Weaver truly intoxicates through a penetrating seductive allure, characterized in a smooth consistency of order that infuses a quality of dramatic depth within any particular moment.  She just conveys a certain stylistic control within intuitive grace that is aesthetically pristine yet hauntingly powerful, providing a visual dimension well suited for the constructs of any thought-provoking piece of creative photography.  At DUB Show Anaheim 2013, she would effectively implement all that artistry and talent amongst all the custom cars and featured product displays at the Vertini Wheels grounds showcase.




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