May 30, 2013

West Coast Hooters Swimsuit Finals Pageant 2013: Beauties in Cocktail Dresses


Is it the stillness and tranquility of a moon lit horizon?  Maybe, it’s the pulsating beats during an elaborate neon light show above a dance floor.  Whatever the answer might be to a specific individual, its undeniable that the night’s majesty brings with it many sensory pleasures that often tempt and dazzle the mind.  For men at least, such spectacles often pale in comparison to the quality of their company, a realization that has consistently prompted women throughout the ages to define a nightlife experience through the character of their chosen wardrobe.  Such is most likely the inspiration of the traditional evening wear segments within popularized pageants throughout history, allowing contestants to establish an identity through their interpretation of style and visual sensuality.  For the 2013 West Coast Hooters Swimsuit Finals Pageant, this segment would again be spotlighted upon the grand stage of the famed Yost Theater in Santa Ana, California to assist in determining which fine lady of the competition was truly the fairest of them all.



On stage for the duration of the competition would be the beautiful Victoria Brown, a multiple time finalist in the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant, who brings a certain class and command to her post as primary presenter and host.




The stage proceedings started with an ensemble introductory presentation featuring the 41 contestants of the West Coast Hooters Swimsuit Finals Pageant.


Round 1:  Cocktail Attire Segment


Mission Valley, CA

Long Beach, CA


Rancho Bernardo, CA

Long Beach, CA


Long Beach, CA


Costa Mesa, CA


Anaheim, CA
Kasey Chisholm
Rancho Bernardo, CA
Kasey Chisholm is a vibrant young talent whom a few people might recognize through flashbacks of her featured appearances within the glamour and automotive scenes in previous seasons.

Hollywood, CA

Spokane, WA

Burbank, CA

Mission Valley, CA

Mission Valley, CA
Rancho Bernardo, CA

Ontario, CA


Costa Mesa, CA

Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Costa Mesa, CA

Anaheim, CA

Pamela Jean Noble
Ontario, CA
Well recognized as a popular cage girl personality for BAMMA USA, Pamela Jean Noble has been a regular presence within sanctioned mixed martial arts events, including regular visits to premier live fitness extravaganzas like the Fit Expo in Los Angeles.
Riverside, CA

Jantzen Beach, OR

Coverage of the 2013 West Coast Hooters Swimsuit Finals Pageant continues…

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