November 20, 2013

HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013: The Charismatic Women of R1 Concepts

Unique collaborations find a special emphasis within the world of entertainment, both as memorable experiences for passionate audiences, as well as a point of evolution for the character or artist.  It’s that very same feeling when a kid witnesses all his favorite heroes seemingly converging upon a unified storyline, in which powers and personalities are driven to work together within what many would admit to being the essence of the ultimate adventure.  To others, it’s that thrill of being at an “I Heart Radio” festival, applauding the cohesion of talent and creative processes, as the world’s most renowned musicians from various genres find common ground upon a single premier stage.  While such a concept is usually only popularly received within the pages of magazines and editorials, as it pertains to the modeling industry, expanding that perception to the realms of promotional modeling effectively exemplifies a similar phenomenon occurring within the scope of today’s prestigious event circuits.  After all, the art of live promotion is tricky at best, as audiences are often drawn by various forces from every possible direction.  It often takes a distinctly dedicated personality to effectively harness all that energy and effectively utilize it to her advantage.  It’s the discovery of this talent within themselves that essentially allows them to forge a path towards success within the industry.  Sometimes, however, especially within the festivities of a premier Hot Import Nights production such as HIN WDRIFT Fontana, the moment just calls for something all that more intriguing.  Then again, sometimes it’s just a normal part business.  Take, for example, R1 Concepts, whose motto of “stopping the world” through its quality line of performance braking components, does absolutely nothing to cease the crowds from gathering upon its displays and booths.  A main element to their maximized presence during the 2013 automotive showcase season has been the sterling troupe of modeling personalities collaborating under their banner, fundamentally optimizing the experience for attendees, as well as amongst themselves as a true union of likeminded entertainers.

Brittani Paige would energize audiences at the R1 Concepts booth during the HIN WDRIFT spectacular, enchanting in that soothing passionate depth and flowing vibrant grace, which continues to bolster her reputation nationwide as one of the prominent young guns of the promotional modeling realm.  As the reigning 2013 Miss Hot Import Nights Phoenix title holder, various opportunities have been coming at her as of late, including offers for special hosting duties, which she would fondly discuss within a variety of possible approaches and gimmicks with her colleagues and fans.  It was Brittitude in action once again, and as usual, the people couldn’t get enough of it.






Amber Alexis Alvarez thoroughly mesmerizes in a vivacious expressive brilliance framed upon dynamic sensual control, qualities to her talent which effortlessly infuse a depth of drama upon any given scene or atmosphere.  She just presents a unique duality between seductive style and bursting enthusiasm, which distinctly resonates within the affections of an audience.  Such would do much to accentuate the R1 Concepts modified vehicle and custom car displays during the HIN WDRIFT Fontana extravaganza, where Triple A would once again rise to the occasion as one of this season’s most versatile show floor entertainers.

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