November 18, 2013

HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013: Grounds Report


When a certain formula for success is apparent, why change it?  After all, it’s within that specific cohesion of elements, which provide for a unique experience that seemingly stimulates the cravings of an audience for more in the future.  Take, for example, the prestige associated with the Hot Import Nights brand, a live entertainment powerhouse, which has defined the car culture phenomenon for well over a decade.  The company itself already provides for the most spectacular live automotive showcase festivals in the world, essentially melding the thrill of the nightlife vibe within a passion for motorsports and modified vehicle design.  However, when combined with the history of a venue as grand as the Auto Club Speedway, the effect has been known to become all that more intense within the thematic and cultural congruencies between the production and atmosphere.  Indeed, the Hot Import Nights Fontana event at the Auto Club Speedway had done much to accelerate the 2013 event season earlier in the year, and with that said, it was only fitting that HIN would return once again to where it all essentially started, reemphasizing their dedication as an organization that always provides what the people really want.  So, people said they want more of the hottest custom cars in Southern California, matched within the excitement for jaw-dropping drifting action.  These very same fans would also continue to express their appreciation for some of the most talented modeling industry figures involved within the national HIN programs.  Combining all these elements into one stunning entertainment package, HIN WDRIFT in Fontana, California would come into being, poised as the last major outdoor import scene extravaganza of the 2013 season.


General Show Floor

HIN WDRIFT Fontana would be held at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California with the entirety of its program fully integrated into the floor format and structure of the INDYCAR racing spectacular, which was occurring simultaneously upon the same venue.  As the Hot Import Nights production would be the first entertainment extravaganza sighted upon entry, fans of both the motorsports and custom car showcase genres would find their initial experiences upon the show floor dominated by import scene influences, which would include booth displays of aftermarket parts implemented upon company sponsored vehicular projects.  Moving onward, the full creative arsenal of the Southern California car culture community would be realized upon a sea of custom car displays, essentially maximizing the appetite for some action-packed drifting action just beyond the barricades at the far end of the showcase area.  The significance of the modeling industry within such an atmosphere became quite apparent within the various duties its professionals would conduct upon the show floor.  The following is a brief breakdown, conveying the significance of their contributions towards the overall success of the program while effectively providing a glimpse into future coverage updates pertaining to this particular extravaganza.

Company Girls   Event Spokesmodels

One of the most efficient and effective elements to any live event promotional strategy is providing an element of celebrity within the constructs of a premier product display.  After all, the top brand ambassadors and promotional models of the automotive scene have established quite a solid rapport with the fans throughout their careers, a connection with their audience, which could very well establish an instantaneous link between brand and consumer.


With a gigantic model lounge centrally located upon the grounds, there was really no doubt as to the emphasis being conveyed within this particular Hot Import Nights program.  Indeed, HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013 would honor some of the most beautiful modeling industry talents from around the country, providing them with the status of official event spokesmodels as an acknowledgement of their achievements and potential future successes within the industry. 


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