December 30, 2012

Progressive International Motorcycle Show of Long Beach 2012: Ducati Ladies in Red (Part 2)

In order to spotlight their engineering, design and brand culture for maximal exposure, the Ducati team had several points of interest set up around their display area. One of these areas was a centrally located showcase cylinder where enthusiasts were given a chance to get close to some of Ducati’s premier manufactured models. Of course, through the duration of the day, those would not be the only models to be presented, as Ducati was happy to oblige the curious masses with an intro to their beautiful product specialist team within the format of a mini group photo shoot.


Kelsey Sliwinski captivated with scintillating form and serenity, which was all the more accentuated by a genuine enthusiasm and appreciation for the moment at hand.  People gravitated to her refreshingly brilliant disposition throughout the entire course of the event.




There’s just this flow and finesse within the person of Rebekah Davis that is visually haunting in its inherent depth and power.  The control she exhibits in front of a camera creates great emotive dimension in still photography due to the interpretive mystery she infuses within it.  Toward event attendees, she functions as an active representative, always willing to interact with her audience providing any information that they may need, doing so with a class and professionalism that does much to promote the prestige of a brand.

Did someone mention hot coffee?  To complete the experience for its cherished guests and fans, Ducati offered freshly brewed coffee to all those wandering upon their display area via a small corner café set-up.  Many found the offer quite stimulating, especially during the course of a long, active day.  The quality of service was also not easy to overlook.

Christine was one of the more stunningly elegant figures at the Ducati mini-café set up.  In fact, a few people asked if she was a native Italian, which she smiled about and enjoyed.  One could say that she has a style and sophistication that just isn’t seen on an everyday basis.


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