April 28, 2013

DUB Show Los Angeles 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Venessa Kanani


At the 2013 DUB Show in Los Angeles, the DUB Garage would present one of the more massive showcase areas within the event, which would, to most attendees at the show, act as a live event manifestation of DUB Daily, the official car culture blog of DUB Magazine, which tracks the latest trends and occurrences within the urban car culture community.   Heavily influenced by the versatile, quality craftsmanship of the DropStars Wheel Collection and the stylized luxury rim designs of TIS, the display dazzled as one of the most complete visual representations of the automotive culture, which effectively encompassed the realms of domestic luxury, two-wheel cruising, and personalized sports performance.  With such a full spectrum outlook on the entire scene placed upon a single showcase platform, proper representation would rely upon an individual that embraced a certain elegance and flare that effectively complimented the complete nature of the presentation.  The gorgeous Venessa Kanani would turn out to be the person most suitable for that job.



Enticingly captivating within radiant enamoring depth framed upon chic dynamic control, Venessa Kanani exudes with penetrating seductive charisma, which inspires with a brilliance and sensuality of focus in conjunction with an intuitive grace and character of form.  There’s a certain force to her presence that somehow soothes within fluid style, an emotive contrast, which intrigues in relentless tempting passion.  Such command within poise is quite telling of her unique quality and influence upon the nature and theme of a scene or composition.



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