October 26, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Runway Models Dazzle Onward to the Collection Finale


As the collection presentation at Fashion Island approached its spectacular conclusion for this year’s Style Week OC production, the themes presented upon the main stage graphics became all the more festive with a full spectrum of color bursting into the forefront of the experience.  Such would effectively set the mood for the remaining participating brands to turn up the heat with some intriguing debut designs and concepts.  Whether it be through the shimmer of shape and pattern or an eye-catching contrast of flow and texture, the hottest brands of the Fashion Island center would offer quite a spectacle for interested observers looking to engross themselves within the current and upcoming trends of the fashion scene.  To assist in the delivery of this final portion of the department store presentations would be some of Southern California’s most talented runway stars, ever so eager to demonstrate the grace and majesty of the show’s featured ensembles until the eventual final curtain call.



2013 Fashion Island Collection Runway Show (Continued)

Joie would absolutely energize the audiences through a unique collaboration of vibrant color and texture, all of which fundamentally define the charisma within their elegant line of clothing designs.


During this segment of the presentation, Kalyn Hemphill would naturally exude a cool conviction upon Style Week OC runway, consequently highlighting the sophistication and character within the intricate design of this Joie brand ensemble.


Ragan (above) would bring some chic adorability upon Style Week OC runway, thoroughly accentuating the soothing sensuality within this cute Joie brand ensemble.

Brianna Barnes (above) always seems to bring something quite elegantly smooth through the charm and grace of her persona, contributing further intrigue and character to this featured Joie ensemble during the Style Week OC presentations.

This featured Style Week OC program would eventually present Jas A. upon the runway once again, where she would effectively frame the dynamic luster of this featured dress design within the soothing style and refinement of her character.





As romantic crimson filled the atmosphere, Neiman Marcus was well prepared to close out the show with its chic repertoire of intricate, trend-setting concepts, all of which would exemplify the company’s dedication towards passion within refined design.

Brianna Barnes would lead this final rotation of the Style Week OC collection presentation, alluring the crowds in the shimmering refinement and sophistication of this featured Neiman Marcus design.


Jas A. would inspire some imaginations in this sparkling sleek Neiman Marcus concept during the Style Week OC store collection presentations.


Amber Lindauer would appear on the Style Week OC runway in one of the more elaborate store collection designs of the evening, utilizing that smooth conviction and allure of her expressive character to emphasize the scintillating intricacies of collaborating themes and motifs in this thrilling Neiman Marcus ensemble.


Bianca Palmerin would dazzle audiences upon the Style Week OC runway while presenting this dynamic cohesion of shape, pattern and color for the Neiman Marcus brand.


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