July 16, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013: The Ladies Keeping It Real at Closing Time


With the scheduled close of the show just within the hour, many of the vendor teams at AutoCon LA would proceed with deconstructing their organized setups, preparing for their exit from yet another splendid automotive showcase spectacular at Santa Anita Park.  However, as the sun lowered and the rhythm of the amplified air waves subsided, the energy and spirit of a community became all the more apparent.  After all, this is Los Angeles, a place where the majesty of the brilliant summertime atmosphere is just as easily translated upon the festivities of an approaching nightlife adventure.  Through such a continuity, the celebration of the automotive lifestyle would essentially proceed onward for as long as it could, albeit much looser at this stage of the event with the established floor format giving way to the spontaneity of fascination and the enthusiasm of camaraderie.  Even AutoCon’s lovely promotional ambassadors and special guests would sense that particular spirit arise, as they wandered about taking in the atmosphere one final time.  For many of them, it was their moment to set all formalities aside for a chance to bask within the inspiring elements of a vibrant automotive culture.



Lea Anne would make a welcomed special appearance at this year’s AutoCon LA extravaganza, illuminating the scene through that vivacious expressive charm and sleek stylistic control that has made her a multiple time pageant finalist within the automotive event circuits this season.  Her innate talent in front of a camera is all the more accentuated by a deep passion for the automotive lifestyle.  With an in-depth knowledge of vehicle mechanics and experience within the competitive fields of motorsports racing, Lea represents a unique encompassing personification of those characteristics most admired within the car culture realms, possessing a charisma and character that allures within the depth and conviction of exemplified legitimacy.  While it’s true that many modeling professionals in the scene can effectively prove their status as true automotive enthusiasts, few have actually ever lived all aspects of the lifestyle.  Such is the manner in which this multitalented figure effectively differentiates herself from all the rest.


It’s important to note that this shoot would be only a few weeks removed from Lea’s eventual third place finish in the Street Class RWD competition during the Redline Time Attack third round spectacular.  A congratulations is in order in regards to her continued dedication to her field and sport.   

Its JDM Yo

Jenn Q




DaYUUM is an expression of the car culture brought to life through an affection for vehicles, art, technology and entertainment.


Serena Su enchants through a soothing expressive serenity framed upon enticing dynamic form.  It’s this flowing sensuality and control to her visual character, which absolutely conveyed the exclamation of her brand moniker within the minds of many during the course of the AutoCon LA event.


Vapor Craze

Vapor Craze offers a non-tobacco, ash-free alternative to traditional smoking through their quality E-cigarette products.


Dania Estrada would station herself at the Vapor Craze booth throughout the remaining minutes of the AutoCon LA extravaganza, captivating through a ravishing expressive elegance and vivid enticing poise that effectively charmed audiences into the impromptu overtime.



DTM Autobody

DTM Autobody dedicates itself towards delivering quality auto body, paint and collision repair services, utilizing its extensive experience within the industry to provide the most confident and competent craftsmanship.


Charise Jeanine would take some time to explore the grounds before the conclusion of the AutoCon LA event, effectively showcasing the radiant consistency and dainty sensuality that exudes from her innate expressive character. 


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