October 27, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Modeling for the DEBUT Runway Show

Though walking the runway might be a common factor to a professional fashion model’s everyday experience, there are events when a certain level of emotional immersion can be assumed within the particular significance of a time or moment.  Sometimes, it’s not necessarily about the interpretation of art, per say, which holds the primary weight of the performance but rather a specific reflection of the narrative behind the inspiration of a specific piece or collection.  Such would be the case at the 2nd annual FABULOUS Soiree at Fashion Island, where the top students of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising would present their debut collections during a special Style Week OC segment aptly named the DEBUT Runway Show.  Eventually as the lights would dim to signal the start of the program, the crowds were treated to exclusive video interviews of the presenting designers themselves, as they would explain their motivations for the concepts and themes within their work.  Shortly afterwards, the featured fashion models of the segment would assist with projecting that distinct vision and character to the mass audiences surrounding the Style Week OC stage and runway.



DEBUT Runway Show

A man influenced by the various cultures of the world, Ahmad Murtaza would establish a cohesion between the distinct influences of the East and West through the full spectrum color and sensuality of his featured collection.

Kalyn Hemphill (above) would be the first presenting model of the 2013 Style Week OC Debut Runway Show segment, effectively complimenting the blooming romanticism of this Ahmad Murtaza dress design through the natural grace and vivacity of her expressive character.

During Style Week OC’s DEBUT Runway Show, Amber Lindauer would absolutely epitomize the charisma of elegance in this electrifying gown concept by FIDM student and designer Ahmad Murtaza.


Benny Dam would effectively express the progression of an innate talent born from a tender age of thirteen years old, now fully developed into the vibrant, energizing order of this stunning debut showcase.


At the Style Week OC Debut Runway Show at Fashion Island, Brianna Barnes would help accentuate Benny Dam’s vision of fashion in motion, utilizing that chic order and spirit within her own persona to emphasize a notable stylistic duality between flowing dynamicity and structured design.




FIDM educated designer Kelly Knaggs draws inspiration from the action-packed Southern California sports and recreational culture, an emphasis which would ultimately guide her towards the creation of this innovative active wear line focused upon the spirit of the avid snowboarder.


Brianna Barnes would fit quite nicely in this Kelly Knaggs checkered sleeve ensemble at Style Week OC, glowing with that ever adventurous glint in her eye, which so effortlessly conveys that charisma and attitude associated with a passion for snowboarding.

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