April 26, 2013

DUB Show Los Angeles 2013: Models for Savini

Savini Wheels redefines luxury within the sultry, sleek style of its own unique creative conception and engineering.  Known for innovative craftsmanship and scintillating design, while providing an expansive variety of product options within detail, the company has become one of the most respected and admired entities within the automotive show circuits today.  Much of the prestige they have garnered over the years has been a direct result of the quality of presentation within their elaborate live event displays, often adorned with the presence of a variety of exotics and high performance vehicles, which effectively exemplify the brand’s value and congruency within any mode of living while always keeping the mood thematically rich and vividly intriguing. 
Along with the chicness and class of the brand comes the beauty, personified within the poise and personality of Savini’s dedicated product specialist team.  Through their own charm and visual elegance, these fine ladies would make quite an impression on the crowds once again during the course of the 2013 DUB Show in Los Angeles.


Alejandra Salazar just dazzles with a passionate expressive radiance defined within enticing poise and form.  She just beams with such seductive influence and character that one could become instantly distracted, a possible concern for many fighters on a King of the Cage octagon whenever she heads up in between rounds as an official fight promotion cage girl.







Raquel Estrella continues to be the leading promotional personality for Savini Wheels within the live event circuits, having represented the brand more than any other active talent during the 2012 automotive showcase season.  This multiple-time pageant champion always brings a unique dynamic onto a show floor, always energizing and engaging within embracing warmth and bursting demonstrative spirit.  There’s just something so honest and endearing about her enthusiasm that encourages and inspires interaction, thus proving her worth as a true promotional force within any scene and situation.  Matched with the stylistic enamoring depth and seductive poise inherent within her expressive manner, her overall charm is virtually irresistible. 





Alluringly brilliant through inspiring expressive spirit and dynamic statuesque form, Alex Clark is a fresh new talent on the scene who charms with such emotive clarity and vivacity that one can’t help but get a bit enamored within the warmth and quality of her presence.  She just exudes a natural charisma and character that has a broad-based potential of marketability and could easily translate onto the pages of any mainstream editorial or fitness publication.



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