October 25, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Models Charming in Chic Fashions


With a name alluding to an experience defined in both style and adventure, Fashion Island would effectively prove its worth as Newport Beach’s most glamorous shopping destination by proudly hosting several of Style Week OC’s premier presentation segments upon its very own grounds and properties.  With the production’s reputation as the most accessible and comprehensive fashion showcase within Southern California, a full roster of the most prominent clothing retailers in the industry would relish at the opportunity of presenting their newest lineups upon the Style Week OC runway.  With a common goal of impressing spectators specifically in mind, some of these top brands of the Fashion Island family would introduce their finest and most pristine concepts within their seasonal design repertoires, all of which would find their stride and stature upon the figures and personalities of Southern California’s most talented runway models.


2013 Fashion Island Collection Runway Show (Continued)

The city lights would eventually emerge in all its splendor, as the Trina Turk line would present its stunning variety of sleek ensembles, characterized in elegantly framed themes and design.

Kalyn Hemphill (above) would start off the Trina Turk segment of the Style Week OC Fashion Island Collection presentation, alluring the crowds in this stunning dress fitted for a night under the city lights.


During Style Week OC, Ragan would assist in establishing the emphasis within this vividly framed Trina Turk concept, effectively conveying a level of emotive depth and smooth conviction towards the moment.

This Fashion Island presentation of Style Week OC would present Brianna Barnes, shining once again with that stylistic wit and charisma while sporting this charmingly layered Trina Turk ensemble upon the featured runway.


Jas A. has been the golden girl of Style Week OC thus far, sporting yet another shimmering gold ensemble presented by Trina Turk.

Amber Lindauer (above) would effectively convey the shimmering sophistication of this Trina Turk creation through the order and poise of her style and disposition.


Bianca Palmerin would mesmerize the Style Week OC crowds in a soothing depth of character and control, which effectively complimented the vivid and pure boldness dominating this Trina Turk design.






Vince would present its full arsenal of solid tonal contrasts and themes, exemplifying an affection for elegant, sleek arrangements within their featured ensembles.


Kalyn Hemphill would once again illuminate the Style Week OC runway, effectively expressing the aesthetic charisma and character of this featured ensemble by Vince.


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