October 28, 2013

OC Auto Show 2013: Floor Report

As the summer would eventually fade into the dawn of a splendid autumn atmosphere, the automotive scene would likewise undergo a transition in tone towards the structure and formality of its celebrated indoor season, a time of the year when the major consumer trade shows reign as the predominating attractions of live event entertainment.  For many enthusiasts in the Southern California region, the first days of October have always been considered the effective start of such an exciting period on the calendar, primarily due to the impact that the Orange County Auto Show consistently affects upon the community and industry.  Well celebrated as the premier automotive extravaganza of Anaheim, California, the OC Auto Show would proudly feature the most prominent luxury sedan, SUV, and sports car manufacturers in the world in addition to some familiar entities and brands that have earned a level of prominence within the custom car scenes.  Because of the scope and grandeur of the show and program, the role of spokesmodels have become all the more significant to the experience throughout the years, as their keen product knowledge and sophistication would often provide for that added depth and intrigue within the constructs of any featured presentation.


General Show Floor

The 2013 OC Auto Show would take place upon the floors and grounds of the Anaheim Convention Center, effectively utilizing the venue’s interior and exterior features to present a uniquely dynamic experience for its cherished guests and attendees.  As usual, a major division of the indoor show floor would be dedicated to the top automobile manufactures in the industry with designated sections featuring highlights of each brand’s various makes and models.  With that said, a fourth of the convention center’s interior would also be utilized in showcasing companies active within the custom car scene, acknowledging the grassroots enthusiast movement as a significant inspiration of the modern automotive community.  All would be well complimented by the thrill and opportunity of actually operating or experiencing one’s favorite vehicle in action through the ride and drive areas set directly outside the venue’s front entrances.  Thus, in many ways, modeling industry professionals would essentially have their hands full, covering every single aspect of this comprehensive extravaganza.  The following breakdown will do much to emphasize the full extent of their involvement within the OC Auto Show’s scheduled programs, while also effectively summarizing the content to be presented within upcoming coverage updates.

Presenting Spokesmodels   The Allure of the Car Culture

During premier extravaganzas like the OC Auto Show, people tend to gravitate towards displays thoroughly endorsed by personas who truly understand and care about the intricacies and features of their product.  Of course, when that presenter happens to have the poise and charisma of a beautiful modeling professional, the delivery just seems all the more effective.


Summer might be over with the outdoor automotive spectaculars seemingly few and far in between.  However, the custom car craze never really seems fades away, as the OC Auto Show would proudly exemplify upon the ingenuity and craftsmanship of its modified vehicle displays.  For those who frequent the car culture circuits of Southern California, it’s common knowledge that the presence of beautiful women is a prerequisite for any organized shindig.


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