October 15, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Floor Report

Fashion is less of a choice and more of a state of being.  It’s a reflection of one’s identity through a unique character of self expression, effectively realized through the combination of concepts that intricately establishes a perception of the individual.  Therefore, in a way, it’s a necessary facet to one’s persona, a representation of one’s passion and spirit that is uniquely his or her own creation.  The fashion scene acknowledges and celebrates this fact every day, exalting new and immerging artists and designers willing to push the limits of their imagination to provide the world with a fresh interpretation on living.  However, for those too busy to follow the news and trends of popular culture, it might be easy to get lost in the routines of daily experience, focused upon a reality not necessarily in sync with the special invitations and engagements which host the core of what such an industry presents and offers.  Though this might be true in certain areas, Style Week OC has essentially remedied such a probable disconnect in Southern California by consistently promoting and maintaining a production that brings the up-and-coming concepts of style and clothing design directly to the consumer within several of Orange County’s hottest shopping hot spots.  Of course, to emphasize the significance of the week-long extravaganza, it would be necessary to provide an added flare to the proceedings as to provide that additional element of intrigue for the audience’s entertainment.  Thus, contributing significantly to the progression of the program would be some of the fashion scene’s most talented modeling personalities, whose grace and charm would effectively shine within various modes of duty and performance throughout the week’s scheduled presentations.


General Show Floor


Style Week OC 2013 would offer audiences several opportunities of experiencing the latest trends and inspirations currently impacting the fashion industry via distinctly themed presentations at the Irvine Spectrum Center, Fashion Island, and the Market Place in Tustin.  Each sanctioned show or event would be held during the regular hours of business within each center, allowing the shoppers themselves to enjoy in grand proceedings of the fashion spectacular.  While front row and reserved seating honors still remained with associated media and special guests during certain runway segments, the open air environment and unobstructed VIP section perimeter allowed for optimal visibility of the show within each instance, thus reemphasizing the dedication of organizers to provide an experience that gets a consumer all the more excited about the current state of fashion.  The following is a general breakdown of what will be presented in upcoming coverage articles for this year’s Style Week OC with the usual focus on the modeling talent, brands and designers that make events like this all the more worthwhile.


Cadillac Couture Design Competition   Center Collections

With Cadillac as a major sponsor of the Style Week Orange County extravaganza, certain designers were tasked with creating some intriguing clothing concepts, utilizing actual car parts from the company’s line of quality vehicles.  The ideas that would arise from such a challenge would provide for some of the most visually intriguing spectacles of the entire week. 


The major brands of retail clothing and design would make their presence known at the Irvine Spectrum Center and Fashion Island, implementing their fashions upon the figure and poise of some of Southern California’s most stunning runway models during the course of Style Week OC.

Style Closets   DEBUT Runway Show

Fashion seems to come to life in more ways than one.  Take for example the mannequins at The Market Place in Tustin, who move, walk and talk like real professional models while sporting the latest ensembles of the hottest clothing brands in the business.  They only seem to be so animated during the course of Style Week OC, however.


Fashion Island would host a special presentation dedicated to the works of graduating students of the FIDM Fashion Design Program with each line essentially reflecting the character and experiences of each individual in regards to their evolution as a unique and distinct artist.  Once again, some of Southern California’s most talented fashion models would assist with interpreting that creative passion upon the runway.



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