October 8, 2013

Auto Gallery Car Show 2013: Beauties of the Pageant


The Auto Gallery Car Show was launched for the purpose of showcasing the car culture phenomenon in a manner that highlights the aesthetic majesty within each presented custom car project.  Therefore, in many ways, it’s a celebration of the creativity exemplified by a car culture enthusiast as an artist, all of whom find a medium of expression through the features and components of their modified vehicles and rides.  It’s through this understanding, which fundamentally spotlights the progression of talent, and within the import modeling realm, much of that potential is readily discovered upon a competitive stage like the Miss Auto Gallery Pageant spectacular.  The following is a summary of the highlights from this special multiple-round segment series, featuring some of the hottest young stars active within the automotive show circuits this season.

Miss Auto Gallery Pageant 2013

Rising star Amber Alexis Alvarez would compete in her first pageant during the 2013 Auto Gallery Car Show, expressing a fond appreciation for the crowds along with a special shout out to the R1 Concepts team for all their support within these initial stages of her career.

Elegantly stunning in shimmering expressive charisma framed upon sensual dynamic style, Mimi Le would definitely infuse an enticing quality of glamour upon the direction of the featured stage attraction, effectively utilizing all that charm within her duties as the Miss Auto Gallery Pageant's primary announcer and host.

To the delight of many, Import Fashion's Court would introduce herself to the crowds as a contestant in the 2013 Miss Auto Gallery Pageant.

Angel Kyoko (left) and Maria Sosa (right) would also find themselves front and center upon the Auto Gallery Car Show main stage in an effort to garner support for their own individual claims to the Miss Auto Gallery title.

Import scene star Diamond Zaang (above) always finds an occasion to dazzle audiences in some stunning two-piece swimwear.

2012 Miss Auto Gallery Amy Ames (above) would find herself behind the judges table this time, as she looked on with interest upon this year's field of competition.

Jelly Ranger (above) would also have her pen ready at the judges table, eager to score this year's Miss Auto Gallery contenders within the upcoming rounds of competition.

Jenna Lane can be all cute and cuddly on the microphone with her adorable catch phrases, but when someone dares to call her out, the passionate rapper within her can get a bit aggressive with her rhymes.

Suemomo (left) and Jenna Lane (right) would get all caught up in the moment, capturing the competition's third and second place honors respectively.



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