October 16, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Fashion Models Wearing Cadillac


Though the connection between the Cadillac brand name and designer clothing is not readily discernable, the concept behind the machine can in many ways provide for that fuel towards higher creative thought and function.  After all, the history and bold luxury associated with the Cadillac trademark has been a leading influence in the progression of American motor vehicles since the early twentieth century with its continued relevance within this era effectively reflecting its consistent dedication to style, craftsmanship and detail.  With that said, it really isn’t difficult to draw inspiration from the character of such a brand culture, especially when one is exposed to the extensive curriculum and programs of the FIDM Fashion Institute.  Therefore, to officially start the 2013 Style Week OC extravaganza in spectacular fashion, major sponsor Cadillac would put forth a challenge to some of FIDM’s brightest and most promising young students in an effort to test their ability of incorporating and translating the Cadillac signature style of class and character upon the process and constructs of clothing design and conception.  The ideas presented at this year’s Cadillac Couture Design Competition at the Irvine Spectrum Center would, indeed, amaze the audiences, as some of the fashion scene’s most talented modeling talents would emerge from the curtains in some of the most stunning outfits and ensembles of this week-long fashion festival.

2013 Cadillac Couture Design Competition at the Irvine Spectrum Center

Adding some commentary and insight into the Cadillac Couture Design Competition would be none other than Project Runway contestant and FIDM graduate Nick Verreos.


Inspired by the grille on the Cadillac ATS vehicle, Carol Wong would successfully utilize a technique referred to as boning in the fashion circles to stylistically incorporate that element of vehicular design upon her own concept of themed evening wear.  Captivating runway talent Bianca Palmerin would likewise compliment the established mood of the moment, projecting a boldness of style through expressive control that immediately emphasized the chic, shimmering quality of the featured outfit. 




Perhaps, designer Jarrett Levin had the importance of safety in mind when he wrapped beautiful runway model Amanda Fields in Cadillac branded seatbelts for this unique take on automotive inspired fashion during Style Week OC.  Ever so spirited in immaculate order, Amanda would definitely emphasize the fun and ingenuity behind the presented design and conception.




Host Nick Verreos would confirm with one of the judges that the main element of this Tylor Purcell design was actually the thermal blanketing and shielding material currently used in Cadillac’s line of mass produced vehicles.  Plus, to everyone’s amusement, that central Cadillac brand crest actually spins.  Talented runway and media model Kerry Doyle would have no problem fully embracing such an innovative design during the Style Week OC competition, conveying a confidence within soothing conviction that supports the themed attitude within the creation.



Designer David Lee was most likely influenced by the sharp edges and strong frame which fundamentally define that style and character within the Cadillac brand of vehicle.  Such would be well apparent through the bold angles and shapes utilized within this fashionable conception, all the while complimented by the penetrating focus and statuesque poise of one Miss Holly Ridings.



Nick Verreos would look to the audience one final time before announcing the eventual winners of the competition.  Two awards would eventually be given out by the end the night with one designer affectionately recognized as the the social network fan favorite and the other achieving the highest honors as the overall winner of the Cadillac Couture Design Competition at the Irvine Spectrum Center.

2013 Irvine Spectrum Center Results


2013 Cadillac Couture Design Competition Fan Favorite
Jarrett Levin



2013 Cadillac Couture Design Competition Overall Winner
David Lee




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