October 18, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Brands and Models Celebrating Your Lifestyle


A commonly held perception of a professional fashion model is one steeped in the symbolism of themes and the aesthetic richness of emotive drama.  It’s found through that romanticism one feels within the grandeur of a colorless atmosphere, accentuated in haunting whispered voice overs.  It’s a certain challenge to the commonly held conventions of style, exemplified in bold shapes and shades, which seem to jut out with a full force of character from the pages of a magazine.  Indeed, the art of fashion can be extremely immersed in meaning.  Often times, however, people just want something that fits their daily passion for living.  Therefore, there is another side to the fashion scene, very much in sync within a natural state of being.  Thus, at the Irvine Spectrum Center during its collection fashion show for Style Week OC, some of Southern California’s most stunning runway personalities would inspire imaginations within the styles and fashions which would readily cater towards the audience’s preferences for recreation and adventure, emphasizing that enthusiasm for simply going with the flow and finding one’s niche within the constructs of this versatile world and reality.


2013 Irvine Spectrum Center Collection Runway Show (Continued) 

Lucky Brand would present a line of clothing options and ensembles that would honor the individualism and attitude of the true American experience.

Jas A. (above) would bring some subtle swagger upon the stage during Style Week OC's Irvine Spectrum Center collection presentation, stylishly donning a pair of dark shades with this featured blouse design by Lucky Brand.


The fashions of Tommy Bahama would reemphasize that nostalgia associated with the recent passing of summertime, expressing an affection and appreciation for pristine patterns and solid khakis, which fundamentally compliment the sands and waters of that ideal beach getaway.


Kalyn Hemphill would epitomize the vibrancy and flavor of the outdoor coastal lifestyle, flowing in the full energy and grace of this Tommy Bahama featured hat and dress ensemble.


Alexandra Allen looked well prepared for a splendid trip down to Copacabana during this particular segment of the Style Week OC program, projecting a certain expressive immaculate grace that effectively complimented the freshness of spirit within this Tommy Bahama ensemble.

Runway model and media personality Brianna Barnes possesses that smooth character and charisma that brings a certain wit and flavor towards a presentation.  Such are qualities to her talent that would make her all the more effective in promoting festive brands such as Tommy Bahama within grand productions like Style Week Orange County.

Fashion runway talent Ragan (right) would demonstrate how a Tommy Bahama brand ensemble could effectively turn a few heads within a crowd.


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