October 17, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Modeling Fashion for Every Occasion


The Irvine Spectrum Center is known to provide one of the most extensive shopping experiences within the Orange County region, and with that reputation has come the continued support of many of the most prestigious clothing retailers in the nation who have effectively established their presence as respected businesses within the scope of the center’s expansive space and structures.  Naturally, as the dawn of yet another Style Week OC extravaganza would ignite the enthusiasm of crowds and dedicated fashion aficionados within the vicinity, so too would the excitement build within the ranks of these top brand named entities, who would finally find an occasion to showcase their latest styles and trends upon a grand stage.  With the modeling industry and its talents well prepared for this first extended night of debut fashion, the production lights would eventually dim ever so briefly for some all too familiar logos to find their time in initial center stage glory.  Such would signal the eventual unveiling of each company’s trademark styles and concepts, intriguing audiences through what many would call a grand fashion procession of distinct flavors and inspirations that would effectively encompass the various modes of modern day living.


2013 Irvine Spectrum Center Collection Runway Show



Retail powerhouse Macy’s would lead the charge at the Irvine Spectrum Center runway, presenting sleek fashionable options towards that active city lifestyle.

Brianna Barnes (above) would absolutely charm audiences upon the Style Week OC stage and catwalk through a soothing consistency of focus and character, which effectively represented that combined elegance and spirit associated with the Macy’s brand name.

Jas A. (above) looked well prepared for a fine day out on the town in this stunning ensemble presented by Macy’s.


Suddenly, the audience would be transported to the romanticism of crimson skies and rugged, rocky terrain, setting the stage for Windsor to take everyone on a fun little road trip through their adventurous line of apparel and ensembles.


During Style Week OC, Kalyn Hemphill (above) would absolutely emphasize the spirit of this dazzling Windsor brand ensemble, beaming with that innate embracing optimism, which accentuates the themes of the featured collaborating colors and patterns in combination with the inherent attitude of the classic fedora.


Alexandra Allen (above) would make her way onto the Style Week OC runway, seemingly ready for those fun times down that highway of life in this premier outfit presented by Windsor.


Bebe would showcase its latest collection of shimmering ensembles and dresses, which truly emphasized the sparkling grace and sensuality that defines the modern day, contemporary woman.

Brianna Barnes (above) would return to the catwalk for Bebe during this Style Week OC featured presentation in order to assist in emphasizing that charisma and sophistication that exudes from the brand's featured designs.

Jas A. (above) would thoroughly mesmerize in this elegant evening dress by Bebe during this segment of the 2013 Style Week OC production, showcasing the brand's affection for elegance within a soothing quality of allure.



American Apparel would get the Irvine Spectrum Center rocking through the solid color interplay and traditional patterns, which define the company's vibrant style and character.

Through fun plaids and floral patterns, Brandy Melville would exemplify the individuality and personality that can positively accentuate one's everyday experience.

Kalyn Hemphill (above) would return to the Style Week OC runway in this Brandy Melville layered combination, effectively conveying that brilliance and freshness, which essentially defines the energizing patterned contrasts within the brand’s presented repertoire. 

Runway model Alexandra Allen (above) would sport this polka dot and plaid getup from Brandy Melville during this Style Week OC fashion presentation, perhaps, channeling that skater girl bookworm within herself to exemplify the brand's ability to step away from conventions while effectively showcasing the dimensions of the individual.

Brianna Barnes would unleash that innate brilliance of persona upon this particular segment of the Irvine Spectrum Center Collection event, thoroughly embracing the spirit and freedom that exudes from this Brandy Melville brand named ensemble.

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