October 19, 2013

R1 Concepts Open House 2013: Beautiful Women Stopping Your World


It’s a phenomenon well dramatized within the scope of popular culture and media.  It’s that symptom of sudden and absolute attraction that seemingly slows down one’s perception of time and space.  What’s being referred to in this instance is that consequence of being totally immersed in the qualities and traits of some amazingly stunning individual, whose presence dominates the senses in such a way as to morph the fundamental nature of reality.  While this often does the trick in slowing the passage of time for a grown man, seemingly transformed into a stammering mess of giggling jiggles, the idea of actually affecting a stoppage of time might actually require a whole other level of sensory preoccupation.  Take, for example, the company of R1 Concepts, an enterprise built upon an initiative towards “stopping the world” by building reliable braking parts and components for the broad-based automotive community.  If anybody knew how to effectively stop time within this industry, they would.  After all, stopping things is their specialty.  Indeed, fans visiting the R1 Concepts booths throughout the 2013 season would not be disappointed, as the brand has been graced with the presence of some of the import scene’s most promising and respected modeling stars.  A full force roster at the annual R1 Concepts Open House in La Habra, California, would further solidify their team as one of the most alluring and charismatic promotional troupes within the automotive show circuits today, whose characters and personas would effectively stop everyone in their tracks while entranced in the full admiration of their comprehensive beauty.




Lori Lin captivates in a sweet expressive serenity and smooth subtle grace, which flows ever so elegantly within the enthusiasm of any moment.  There’s just a certain flow to her character and process that infuses a quality of warmth and allure within the atmosphere, a facet to her persona, which has consistently proven her significance as a valued member of the R1 Concepts promotional team.  During the company’s 2013 open house event in La Habra, Lori would find some time to visit some of the participating vendors, enjoying some moments with their custom car and modified vehicle displays. 





Brittani Paige would energize the crowds at the R1 Concepts Open House this year, making one of her first live community appearances since her Miss HIN Phoenix title victory a few weeks before.  Refreshingly charismatic in dynamic expressive spirit framed upon vibrant sensual style, Brittani truly depicts the essence of the car culture phenomenon within the depth and clarity of her character and persona.  Her raw and genuine take on the role of brand ambassador has been a primary source of entertainment for many fans and enthusiasts throughout the season, exemplifying that fine fusion of individuality and stylistic allure which fundamentally inspires the creation of the scene’s hottest custom cars and modified vehicles. 




A whole cast of characters would make their presence known upon the grounds of the R1 Concepts Open House this year, all of whom would provide for some intriguing moments within the scope of this coverage.




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