October 19, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Stunning Fashions and Runway Models


As the twilight faded into the dominance of the evening, the atmosphere at the Irvine Spectrum Center’s Giant Wheel Court certainly emitted a flare for something all the more chic and glamorous.  After all the night brings a certain romanticism within order that is not usually established during the day with the cool flow of the environment influencing a certain formality amongst the characters and guests who present themselves within it.  The production lights and graphics would likewise affect the audience within their optimal glory, emphasizing moments of suspense on the stage’s sleek runway by gradually illuminating distant silhouettes to accentuate an eventual unveiling.  Thus, there were many elements to this special nighttime extravaganza that would allude to the ultimate vibe within this first sanctioned event of Style Week OC, effectively driven by many of the nation's most elegant brands along with the most talented runway personalities in the country.


2013 Irvine Spectrum Center Collection Runway Show (Cont’d) 

White House Black Market would present a spiritedly sophisticated array of dresses and ensembles, characterized by double and tri-color contrasts within the scope of the brand's signature palette themes.

Jas A. would charm audiences within this striped top and pants ensemble for this White House Black Market portion of the Irvine Spectrum Center Collection Runway Show.



Max Studio would present some stunning options for a more sleek and professional look through its chic selection of coats, furs and dresses, which all together represent the pinnacle of big city fashion.

Kalyn Hemphill (above) would emerge once again upon the Style Week OC runway, looking quite dashing in the bold chicness and tone of this featured Max Studio design.

Alexandra Allen (above) would absolutely glow in that sweet radiance she effortlessly conveys upon the runway, effectively emphasizing the pride associated with wearing a splendidly layered Max Studio featured ensemble.

Ragan would assist in concluding Max Studio's presentation for the evening, wearing one of the brand's featured dresses of the season.

Irvine Spectrum Center anchor Nordstrom would finish the night with a sterling succession of elaborate prints, color schemes and textures, essentially unified in a manner that electrified the senses within sheer dynamic sophistication.

Brianna Barnes can be quite a smooth operator upon a runway, an intriguing flavor to her talent all the more accentuated by this elegant Nordstrom ensemble at Style Week OC.

Jas A. would find herself engulfed in intricate design towards the end of this Style Week OC featured presentation, proudly walking the runway for Nordstrom in this patterned coat and dress ensemble.


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